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Mechatronics and Robotics engineers create intelligent devices by combining mechanical and electrical engineering principles. They are shaping the future by designing smarter cars, autonomous farm equipment, robots for manufacturing industry, and many more. These devices have mechanical and electrical components, sensors and computer software, all working together harmoniously. As automation and robotics increase around us, so does the need for engineers with specialized knowledge of these topics. Mechatronics and robotics engineers have the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary to oversee the design and development of such intelligent devices from beginning to end, rather than completing mechanical, electrical, and control designs separately. While there are few B.S. programs in mechatronics and robotics in the US and several abroad, SIUE is the only such program in the State of Illinois and Midwest.


Sohyung Cho, PhD - 2000, Pennsylvania State University;

Keqin Gu, PhD -1988, Georgia Institute of technology;

Ying Shang, PhD -2006, University of Notre Dame;Tim York, PhD -2014, Washington University in St. Louis

Tim York, PhD - 2015, Washington University in St. Louis

Experiential Learning

Students have multiple opportunities to engage in experiential learning. The mechatronics and robotics engineering curriculum includes a number of laboratory classes where our students apply their knowledge of engineering science in a variety of hands-on experiments. Students also participate in a two-semester senior design course, which allows them to practice teamwork and critical analysis, and to apply their creativity in a design and fabrication project with real-life applications in mind. At SIUE, students also have the opportunity to participate in mechatronics and robotics engineering work experience and cooperative education, or they can choose to participate in a study abroad program. Our students also have the option to engage in mechatronics and robotics engineering research with faculty members through the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) program.

Career Opportunities

Mechatronics and robotics engineers find jobs in companies that design, develop and manufacture intelligent devices and equipment for medical, automotive, communication, agriculture, construction, and entertainment industries. Some examples of these intelligent devices are: • Mobile or industrial robots• Quadcopters and drones• Autonomous vehicles• High-tech prosthetic limbs• Computer disk drives• Security cameras• Appliances• Weapons

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