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Graduate Program Assessment Plan (.pdf)

I Student Achievement

A. Mission

The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to meet the educational needs of working professional engineers, traditional students, and other scientific professionals who are interested in advanced study in Mechanical Engineering to enhance their opportunity for professional advancement.

B. Learning objectives

  1. Identify and analyze problems and issues.
  2. Apply appropriate concepts and methods to solve problems.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and skills appropriate to specialization.
  4. Write clearly and effectively.
  5. Conduct effective literature search.
  6. Clear and effective oral presentation.

C. Assessment tools

Each student will be required to write a research paper or thesis and appear for a final oral examination. The specific measurement tool is attached.

D. Data integration and utilization

The graduate program director will compile the results of each year's measurements. Faculty members will meet once each year to review the results and compare them to expectations. They will then determine what, if any, program improvements are required. The specific integration form is attached.

II Feedback Loop and Faculty Involvement

The candidate's advisory committee will conduct the evaluations of individual students. The Department will meet annually to review a compilation of the results of these evaluations and recommend program improvements.

III Timeline

The graduate program assessment plan will begin in the 1999 Fall semester and continue indefinitely.

IV Administration

The Department Chair has responsibility for administration of all graduate programs in the Department, including administration of the assessment plan. The Graduate Program Director will coordinate development of the assessment form, will compile the evaluation results, and coordinate program improvements.

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