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Emergency Management & Safety

Emergency Management & Safety
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Stop Violence

College campuses are not immune to acts of violence.

As a campus community, we need to know how to identify early warning signs of violence and understand the appropriate responses. Together, we can help prevent violence on our campus.

SIUE "Stop Violence" Campaign

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Warning Signs Healthy Response
Talk of Suicide

"I don't want to be here anymore."

"I just don't see the point of living."

"I don't really matter to anyone."
You Should

Talk openly about suicide

Inquire if the individual has a plan of action

If you believe this person is ready to act, contact the proper authorities immediately and do not leave the person alone

Student Success Center, Room 0220

If not an immediate emergency, refer him to

Student Success Center, Room 0220
Violent Comments

Thoughts of harming other individuals that may not yet be vocalized or acted upon

"I feel like punching someone in the face."

"I could just blow this place up."

"I could just kill someone."

"How would she feel if I slapped her in the face?"
You Should

Determine the severity and frequency of such thoughts the person is having

Encourage her to talk about her feelings with a trusted friend or counselor

Encourage him to express anger in simple, direct terminology ("I am angry with him, because he stole my laptop computer.")

Encourage her to engage in healthy, enjoyable activities with others
Changes in Behavior

Marked deviation from normal schedule or routine

Not attending classes

Lack of interaction with his/her social groups

Poor hygiene
You Should

Attempt to inquire about behavior in a non-confrontational manner

State observations, not opinions, about his behavior

Offer support and encourage her to communicate with friends or family

Offer referral to SIUE Counseling Services: 650-2842

A verbal declaration of intent to harm another individual

"Wait until they see what I do to her."

"He won't be so smug when I get done with him."

"If she talks like that to me again, I'll smack her."
You Should

Determine seriousness of threat

If deemed serious report your concern online

If deemed serious and imminent, dial 911

We are all an integral part in the prevention of campus violence. If you have any questions or are noticing behaviors like those described above, please contact SIUE Counseling Services at 650-2197. If there is an immediate threat, call 911.

You can also learn more about the Red Flag Campaign and the initiatives put in place by other institutions.

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