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Participation in Research or Research Article Quizzes by Psychology 111 Students

Research is the basis of knowledge in psychology and provides the content in all areas of the discipline. The Department of Psychology requires a minimum of 6 hours of research experience of each student enrolled in PSYC 111, unless the participant pool coordinator has dictated otherwise. This requirement may be completed by active participation in a department-approved study, by taking quizzes on select research articles, or a combination of these two in accord with guidelines set by the instructor. Each accepted quiz (must score 80% or above to be accepted) receives one hour of research credit, and active participation in ongoing studies receives credit according to the length of time spent in the study, which can vary from half an hour to multiple hours.

Details of the research participation will be provided early in your class. Attendance on the day research participation is described is mandatory and you will receive in-depth instructions on how to use the SONA web site for research participation. You will also participate in an initial screening process which may allow you to participate in future studies.

Failure to fully complete the research experience requirement results in a one-letter grade drop. For example, if a student earned a B in PSYC 111 at the end of the semester but failed to fulfill the research experience requirement, the student would receive a C. Students who make an appointment for research participation, as do the investigators conducting the study, make a commitment to be at the designated place at the designated time for their appointment. If an emergency arises to prevent participants from being able to be at the appointed time and place, they must notify the investigator no later than one hour prior to the study time. If students fail to come to the study on time or fail to cancel with sufficient notice, they will not receive credit for that study and be marked as a “no-show.” If you have more than two no-shows, you will no longer be able to register for experiments and will only have the option to register for the research article quizzes. Moreover, it is up to the investigator to decide whether and when such a participant can make an additional appointment for that particular study. Students should be aware that making a large number of appointments at the end of the semester (at the same time that hundreds of other students are trying to do so) can be difficult. It is best to fulfill the 6-hour requirement well before the end of the semester.

Again, failure to meet the 6-hour requirement at the end of the semester will lead to a reduction of one letter grade.

Those students who do not wish to participate in research may substitute research article quizzes for research participation. The article quizzes will give you some exposure to psychological research and acquaint you with some of the rich sources of materials where psychological studies are reported. The article quizzes will be posted on the SONA website after the midterm. You will sign up for the quiz, read a pre-approved research article, and take a quiz on said article. You must receive an 80% or greater to receive credit. Each quiz counts for 1 HOUR of research time.

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