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Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs Visiting Scholar FellowshipDr. Rudolf Dreikurs

SIUE's Dreikurs fellowship was established in 2016 as a means of honoring the legacies of Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, a prominent Adlerian theorist in the 20th century, and his daughter Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson, a distinguished scholar in the Department of Psychology at SIUE. The first fellow, Dr. Paul Rasmussen, was recruited in 2018.

A committee in the the Department of Psychology selects one visiting scholar--i.e., a prominent researcher, theorist or practitoner who does work related to Adlerian concepts--to visit SIUE each year. Visits should last several weeks (perhaps while the visitor is on a sabbatical leave). Fellows are required to deliver at least one public lecture during their visit and to meet periodically with SIUE faculty and students. SIUE has a strong teaching focus that is balanced by research expectations, but fellows will not teach SIUE courses during their stay.

The stipend that accompanies the Dreikurs fellowship will exceed the typical living expenses of an academic visitor to the St. Louis area. SIUE is located in Edwardsville, Illinois, just 21 miles (34 km) northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. Comfortable furnished accommodations, to be selected by the visiting scholar, are available throughout the St. Louis region. Furnished apartments are also available at SIUE.

Dr. Paul R. Rasmussen, SIUE's First Dreikurs Visiting Scholar

Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs wrote about many features of human psychology. Some of the best-recognized Adlerian concepts include:

  1. Social interest
  2. The need to belong
  3. Community feeling
  4. Holism
  5. Goal-directed behavior
  6. Phenomenology or private logic
  7. Feelings of inferiority or superiority strivings
  8. Parent training and positive discipline
  9. Democratic processes in various areas of group life, including parenting
  10. Adlerian life tasks (especially love, work, community, friendship)
  11. Self-determinism and life choices
  12. Encouragement in psychotherapy
  13. Social justice

Dr. Rudolf DreikursThe departmental committee which selects visiting scholars is committed to recruiting and welcoming highly-accomplished researchers and theorists. Dreikurs fellows have typically achieved recognition through extraordinary publication records.

Questions about the Dreikurs fellowship are best directed to the committee through the department chair

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