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Dr. Jeremy D. Jewell

Professor, Clinical Child and School Psychology Program Director

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Education: Ph.D., 2001
University of Texas at Austin

School Psychology, Clinical Child Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency and Risk Assessment

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About Dr. Jewell

Jeremy D. Jewell is a professor of psychology and program director of the Clinical Child and School Psychology graduate program. He obtained his Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in school psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Jewell completed a one-year internship with the Nebraska Internship Consortium in Professional Psychology, and was placed at Father Flanagan's Boy's Home (Girls and Boys Town) in Omaha, Nebraska. This internship training was on the home campus treatment facility for children and adolescents, and focused on consultation with schools, foster families, and administration, individual and family therapy, psychoeducational and psychological assessment, and research.

Dr. Jewell has also worked in a number of related fields prior to his appointment at SIUE. Previously, Dr. Jewell was a school psychologist for the Austin Independent School District in Austin, Texas for two years. He has also worked for a number of years as a social worker, child abuse and neglect investigator, and supervisor in a state hospital for persons with cognitive impairment. Much of this previous work has been with ethnic minority populations as well as those in poverty.

Dr. Jewell's previous and current research has focused on three primary areas. The first research area concerns the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of youth diagnosed with Conduct Disorder as well as the broader area of juvenile delinquency. The second research interest is in the effects of the family environment, parenting style, and discipline practices on children's mental health and the development of psychopathology. The third area of research is in the area of drinking and driving risk assessment and prevention. Dr. Jewell is currently involved in several research studies including the use of relaxation skills training as a violence prevention program with youth in juvenile detention and examining the components of 'shock'videos related to drinking and driving in order to improve their effectiveness. Dr. Jewell is also co-author of the Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS) in collaboration with Dr. Hupp, which is being sold internationally for assessing individuals' risk for drinking and driving.

Dr. Jewell teaches courses in adolescent psychology, therapy with youth and families, consultation, and crisis intervention. Dr. Jewell also supervises research projects, serves as an academic advisor, directs thesis research, and assists in program development. Dr. Jewell holds several leadership positions at both the local and state level in an effort to improve mental health service delivery to youth. Dr. Jewell is both a certified school psychologist as well as licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois and is one of a handful of individuals in the state to hold both certifications.

Mentoring Expertise

Dr. Jewell is available to mentor students interested in careers in school psychology, clinical child psychology, and forensic psychology.

Representative Publications

  • Jewell, J. D. Hupp, S. D. A., & Pomerantz, A. M. (2009). Diagnostic classification systems. In J. L. Matson & F. Andrasik (Eds.), Assessing Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities. New York, NY: Springer.

  • Jewell, J. D., Hupp, S. D. A., & Pomerantz, A. M. (2009). Diagnostic classification systems. In J. L. Matson, F. Andrasik, & M. L. Matson (Eds.), Assessing and Treating Childhood Psychopathology and Developmental Disabilities, pp. 31-54. New York: Springer.

  • Jewell, J. D ., Hupp, S. D. A., Segrist, D. J., Lider, R., McMurray, W., & Tintori, A. K. (2008). The effectiveness of virtual reality technology in preventing drinking and driving. In F. Columbus (Ed), Traffic Accident Causes and Outcomes. Nova Science Publishers.

  • Hupp, S. D. A., & Jewell, J. D. (2008). Evaluating programs for impaired driving. Addiction Professional. March/April, 29-31.

  • Jewell, J. D., Grippi, A., Hupp, S. D. A., & Krohn, E. (2007). The effects of a rotating classroom schedule on classroom crisis events in a school for autism. North American Journal of Psychology, 9, 37-52.

  • Hupp, S. D. A. & Jewell, J. D. (2007). Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS). Springville, IN: SASSI Research Institute.

  • Jewell, J. D. & Hupp, S. D. A. (2007). Behaviors & Attitudes Drinking & Driving Scale (BADDS): User's guide and technical manual. Springville, IN: SASSI Research Institute.

  • Jewell, J. D., & Hupp, S. D. A. (2005). Examining the effects of fatal vision goggles on changing attitudes and behaviors related to drinking and driving. Journal of Primary Prevention, 26(6).

  • Jewell, J. D., Handwerk, M., Almquist, J., Field, C. & Lucas, C. (2004). Comparing the validity of clinician-generated diagnosis of conduct disorder to the DISC. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology,33, 536-546.

  • Jewell, J. D., Hupp, S., & Luttrell, G. (2004). The effectiveness of Fatal Vision goggles: Disentangling experiential versus onlooker effects. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, 48, 63-84.

  • Jewell, J. D., Krohn, E. J., Scott, V., Carlton, M., & Tuholski, S. (2004). Assessing discipline in the classroom: Development and preliminary analysis of the Teacher Discipline Style Inventory (TDSI). Journal of Early Education and Family Review, 12, 32-42.

  • Jewell, J. D. & Stark, K. D. (2003). Comparing the family environments of adolescents with conduct disorder or depression . Journal of Child and Family Studies, 12, 77-89 .

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