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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior
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Elective Suggestions- International Health

These electives will build a foundation for students who are interested in global health issues and working with cross-cultural population groups and both international profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies.

ANTH 340 Cultural Ecology - [DSS, IC] Surveys the relationship between humans and their environment from an anthropological perspective. Begins with the earliest humans and ends with contemporary humans/modern problems.

ANTH 352 Medical Anthropology - [DSS, II, IC] Theories and applications of medical anthropology. Cross-cultural perspectives on health and medicine.

IS 336 Global Problems and Human Survival - [IS, II] Threats to human survival from war, over-population, pollution, resource depletion, under-development, misuse of the oceans and new technologies plus how to deal with these threats. (Anthropology/Philosophy).

IS 343 Contemporary Health Care Issues - [IS] Seminar: Examination of contemporary health issues of diverse cultures across the lifespan. Discussion of global trends, cultural, lifespan, and ethical aspects of each topic. Prerequisite: admission to the University, junior standing.

POLS 370 Introduction to International Relations - [DSS, II] [IAI No. S5 904N] Past and contemporary nation-state system; foreign policy behavior and processes, power, national interests, war, international law, organizations, economy, global problems and prospects. Prerequisite: 111 or consent of instructor.

POLS 472 International Organizations - [DSS, II] Past and present international organizations, origins, structure, decision- making processes, functioning of United Nations and its specialized agencies, problems and prospects. Prerequisite: 370 or consent of instructor.

SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations - [DSS, IGR] [IAI No. S7 903D] Racial and cultural interaction and conflict; causes of prejudice and discrimination; status and participation of minority groups; national and international aspects of majority- minority relations.

SPC 311 Speech Communication - [IGR] This course examines the processes, assumptions and barriers in intercultural encounters. Theories of cognition and communication will be explored.

Public Health
Michelle Cathorall, Dr.PH.,
2013, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

David Cluphf, Ed.D.,
1999, West Virginia University
Chaya Gopalan, Ph.D.,       1988, University of Glasgow
Brianne Guilford, Ph.D.,
2013, University of Kansas

Erik Kirk, (Chair) Ph.D.,
2004, University of Kansas

Nicole Klein, Ph.D.
1995, University of Texas at Austin
Georgia Luckey, M. S.,
Doctoral Candidate

Alice Ma, Ph. D.,
2017, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Bryan Smith, Ph.D.,
2004, University of Missouri - Columbia

Lindsay Ross-Stewart, Ph.D.,
2009, University of North Dakota

Joshua Wooten, Ph.D.,
2008, Texas Woman's University

Huaibo Xin, Dr.PH.
2011, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Jennifer Zuercher, Ph.D., 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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