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Principal Preparation (MSED and EDS) & Superintendent Programs (EDS)

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Admission Requirements and Sample Curriculum for Principal Prep


A few of the many advantages to continuing your professional learning at SIUE include:
Graduate advisors and faculty are highly-qualified and have extensive professional experience. Each class incorporates meaningful and relevant learning activities. Program internships are carefully aligned with the coursework to create a cohesive experience. Mentor-supported leadership experiences are integrated throughout the internships. Schedules are work friendly. Newly-revised programs reflect the most recent changes in Illinois licensure and endorsement. Tuition waivers are accepted.

Principal Preparation Program
  • Master’s degree and Education Specialist degree (both options lead to endorsement)
  • Hybrid program (one night every other week or one Sat a month) starting Fall 2018
  • Admission requires 2 years of teaching experience
  • Flexibility to complete at your own pace - Fast Track (4 semesters) and 2-year option available

For more information, contact: Dr. Alison Reeves, Program Director for Educational Administration

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The graduate programs offered through the SIUE School of Education, Health & Human Behavior provide educators with opportunities to grow professionally while expanding career options through practical and innovative learning experiences, in convenient locations and with flexible scheduling. 

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The Educational Administration Program at SIUE helped to build my foundation of leadership skills and prepared me for my new role as an instructional leader. Led by a supportive and experienced faculty, our coursework emphasized the latest research and best practices. During our internship experiences, we received effective feedback from our mentors as we applied best practices to real world situations. Recently, I accepted a junior high principal position and I am excited to begin my new career! I have no doubt that the key elements of this rigorous program will help me to become a successful administrator.

Jessica Miller

The Principal Prep program through Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville was one that prepared me to take on the role as an instructional leader. The classes worked through today's latest evaluation tools, expectations, and issues that may arise while leading a building. I was able to work closely with peers and professors who guided me with questions and encouraged discussions to help best prepare me to become a top leader in today’s schools. The internships within the program gave me the opportunity to work on actual information, such as a School Improvement Plan. This section of the program was an essential piece in preparing me to fulfill the role of a Principal. This program is set up to help you be successful. Through this program, I was able to ask questions and gain many useful experiences. The Principal Prep program at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville helped me to feel confident to accept a role as a Principal.

Kiersten L. Saenz
The Principal Prep program at SIUE shaped me into an informed and dynamic school leader by developing my leadership skills through applicable and current coursework and authentic and fulfilling internship opportunities. The ed leadership coursework provided a sturdy foundation and a strong knowledge-base for the internship experiences that followed. During my coursework, I learned from and studied under expert instructors with years of educational experience. I learned about each of the various school systems, gained an understanding of what it means to have a shared vision, and learned to appreciate each and every stakeholder for the integral role they each play in fostering continuous growth and change. The internship then challenged and motivated me to delve into current trends and issues in education, while taking into consideration the unique needs of my school's learning community. The internship allowed me make data informed decisions and test what I had learned with the comfort of a safety net in the form of my administrative mentor. My mentor principal supported my initiatives and offered expert advice all along the way. The program in its entirety helped me to establish myself as a school leader, made me more marketable in such a competitive field, and ultimately led to my current position as an elementary school principal where I feel more prepared than ever. The program was intensive, yet completely attainable!

Racheal Leckrone

secondary ed

David S. Knowlton, Ed.D.,
1998, The University of Memphis
Andrew Leland, Ph.D.
2018, Rutgers University

Yuliang Liu, Ph.D.,
2000, Texas A & M University

Cara Lytle, Ph.D.,
2015, St. Louis University

Jennifer L. Logue, Ph.D.,
2009, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Laurel D. Puchner, Ph.D.,
1998, University of Pennsylvania

Alison Reeves, Ph.D.
2006, University of Arizona

Vicki Van Tuyle, Ed.D.,
2008, Western Illinois University

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