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CSPA Program Cohorts

Cohort 2

The CSPA program has both part-time and full-time tracks, but values a sense of academic community. The CSPA program follows a cohort model in which approximately 20-25 students are admitted to pursue courses concurrently. Students take their classes with the members of their cohort during the sequence of classes. The first cohort began in spring 2014. 

Our students currently are comprised of several international students and from over 10 states! We value intersectional identities and welcome a broad spectrum of students to our program. Their many lived experiences and narratives enrich our classroom discussions and facilitate exposure to diverse perspectives. Our program is currently one of the most diverse in the region for a student affairs program. 

Students benefit from mutual support which promotes academic success, a sense of belonging, community, and collaborative learning with experienced colleagues which forms a professional network. These benefits all facilitate career development and continuing education. 

Past Cohorts

Cohort I (Summer/Fall 2016)

The SIUE CSPA program is a great academic program.  In addition, the program provided the opportunity to continue working full-time at SIUE while completing the degree part-time.  The practicum requirement allows opportunities to implement what is learned in the classroom and different settings to explore various career paths.  In addition, I think the cohort model provided additional opportunities to learn from my peers.

-Dr. Brenda Klostermann- Cohort I (Academic Advisor-SIUE)

Cohort II (Spring/Summer 2017)

I think the best thing about the program was that I had classes with pretty much the same group of people for two years.  It was nice because we became each other's support system and we established some strong relationships.  It really helped when it came to the Final Project and we spent hours reading over research and working on our paper.  It was nice to have those people as a support system who was going through the same thing that you were going through.

Rani Somers- Cohort II (Coordinator of Fraternity/Sorority Life- Wichita State University)

Cohort III (Spring/Summer 2018)

Before becoming an Academic Advisor, I was the front desk receptionist at a high school. Although my position did not call for me to work one-on-one with students, I enjoyed the interaction when they would come to the office. Then it turned into them coming to the office just to talk. When I made to choice to pursue my Master's I knew I wanted to do something that would give me the credentials to work students on a a deeper level. Living in Edwardsville made choosing SIUE easy and choosing the CSPA program was easy because it would allow me to explore a multitude of opportunities with working with students.

-Eboni Chism- Cohort III (Academic Advisor-Southwestern Illinois College)

SIUE was geographically an ideal place for me to earn my Masters. I was close to home, but right next to St. Louis, giving me great opportunities to collaborate with local schools in the area.

- Rachel Dunning- Cohort III (Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life, SIUC)

Cohort IV (Spring/Summer 2019)

Cohort V (Spring/Summer 2020)

Current Cohort

Cohort VI is the current cohort comprised of more than 30 full-time students from more than 15 different institutions across the United States. Welcome cohort VI!




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