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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior

Laurel D. Puchner, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair

Ph.D., 1998, University of Pennsylvania
Educational Psychology
(618) 650 3286
1118 Alumni Hall, Room 1117

About Dr. Puchner

Laurel (Laurie) Puchner, Ph.D., is professor and chair of the Department of Educational Leadership in the School of Education, Health, and Human Behavior at SIUE. Dr. Puchner joined SIUE in 1999 after obtaining her Ph.D. in Psychology in Education with a specialization in cross-cultural human development from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Puchner teaches courses in qualitative research methods and educational psychology in a variety of graduate programs, including K-12 administrator preparation and college student personnel administration. She also frequently supervises student capstone research projects at the masters and doctoral level. She has been a member of SIUE Safe Zone for many years, primarily in the role of trainer. She is also a member of the women’s studies faculty.

Research Profile
Dr. Puchner’s current research focuses primarily on teacher education for social justice. She has published in the areas of women’s literacy in developing countries, professional development of teachers, action research, critical media literacy and gender, and white teachers’ beliefs about race, among other areas.

Selected Publications:
• Puchner, L. & Markowitz, L. (2016). Using an Adult Development Model to Help Explain Preservice Teacher Resistance to Learning about Race. Race, Ethnicity and Education, 19 (5), 1043-1062. DOI: 10.1080/13613324.2014.946489
• Markowitz, L. & Puchner, L. (2016) . “Troubling the ontological bubble: middle school students challenging gender stereotypes.” Journal of Gender Studies, 25 (3) 413-426.
• Puchner, L., Markowitz, L., & Hedley, M. (2015). Critical Media Literacy and Gender: Teaching Middle School Children about Gender Stereotypes and Occupations. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 7 (2), 21-32.
• Puchner, L. & Markowitz, L. (2015). Do Black Families Value Education? White Teachers, Institutional Cultural Narratives, and Beliefs about African Americans. Multicultural Education, 23 (1), 9-16.
• Renth, B. A., Buckley, P., & Puchner, L. (2015). Academic Performance Gaps and Family Income in a Rural Elementary School: Perceptions of Low-Income Parents. NCPEA Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research, 2 (1), 70-84.
• Puchner, L. (2014). Disruptions of the Self-narrative: Musings on Teaching Social Justice Topics in a Research Methods Course. Multicultural Education, 22 (1), 51-55.
• Markowitz, L. & Puchner, L. (2014). Racial Diversity in the Schools: A Necessary Evil? Multicultural Perspectives, 16 (2), 72-78.
• Blackard, T., Puchner, L. & Reeves, A. (2014). An analysis of oppositional culture theory applied to one suburban Midwestern high school. Education Leadership Review of Doctoral Research, Vol. 1 (1) 2014, 75-90.
• Taylor, A. R., Puchner, L. D., Powell, M., Harris, V., & Marshall, R. (2012). Reconceiving with action research: working within and across communities of practice in a university/community college collaborative venture. Educational Action Research, Vol. 20 (3), 333-351.
• Puchner, L. & Klein, N.A. (2012). Skirting the Issue: Teachers’ experiences addressing sexuality issues in middle school language arts. Research in Middle Level Education, Vol. 36 (1).
• Puchner, L., Szabo, S., & Roseboro, D. (2012). The short-term effect of a race-related course on racial identity of white students. Teaching in Higher Education, Vol. 17 (4), 399-410.
• Murray, M. & Puchner, L. (2012). Teaching for cultural competency: Using fiction to learn about “Others”. Canadian Journal of Action Research, Vol. 13 (1), 36-49.
• Puchner, L. & Klein, N. A. (2011). The Right Time and Place: Middle School Language Arts Teachers Talk about Not Talking About Sexual Orientation. Equity and Excellence in Education, Vol. 44 (2), 233-248.
• Puchner, L. & Roseboro, D. (2011). Speaking of whiteness: Compromise as a purposeful pedagogical strategy toward white students’ learning about race. Teaching in Higher Education, Vol. 16 (4), doi:10.1080/13562517.2010.54652.
• Klein, N. A., Markowitz, L., Puchner, L., & Anderson, J. (2011). Undressing the hidden curriculum: Sexuality education and middle school literature. In D. Carlson & D. Roseboro (Eds.) The Sexuality Curriculum and Youth Culture. New York: Peter Lang, 288-302.
• Puchner, L., Taylor, A., Harris, V., Marshall, R. & Powell, M. (2010). It’s not about the Numbers, it’s about Policy: The Bridge to Manufacturing Project. Community College Enterprise Vol. 16 (1), 7-22.
• Puchner, L., Taylor, A., O’Donnell, B. & Fick, K. (2008). Teacher learning and math manipulatives: A collective case study about teacher use of manipulatives in elementary and middle school math lessons. School Science and Mathematics Journal, Vol. 108 (7).
• Puchner, L. & Smith, L. M. (2008). The ethics of researching those who are close to you: The case of the abandoned ADD project. Educational Action Research, Vol. 16 (8).

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