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Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services
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The goal of the staff of the Pffice for Accessible Campus Community & Equitable Student Support (ACCESS) is to assist students who can benefit from higher education and support them in reaching their academic potential. The ACCESS office provides a comfortable transition from high school to the SIUE campus. Students are encouraged to frequent the ACCESS office and enjoy the opportunity to meet other students in a relaxing atmosphere.


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Dominic Dorsey is the director of the ACCESS office. He joined the office staff on January 29, 2018, after serving in previous roles as associate director for adaptive educational services at Indiana University Purdue University–Indianapolis (IUPUI) and director of accessibility at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). He has worked with students with disabilities for over a decade and in doing so has developed a philosophy that pushes the conversation from one of limitations, to one of accessibility. One which focuses on removing the gatekeepers to student success through interactive processes instead of boilerplate accommodations. Acutely aware of the afterthought of equity, Dominic is passionate about being an accomplice to individuals with major life impairments. His favorite phrase is that "Accommodations are the floor, but accessibility is the ceiling." A statement he frequently brings up administratively, while demonstrating his commitment to achieving a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for all.

Dominic earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from IUPUI in spring 2009. He also completed a Master of Science in Education in higher education and student affairs (HESA) at Indiana University in 2011 and a certification in behavior analysis from the University of Cincinnati in 2016.

Contact Dominic at 618-650-3726 or by email at


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James (Jim) F. Boyle is the ACCESS office's assistant director for inclusive compliance. He has been with the office since August 2000, formerly serving as the department's learning specialist. He ensures university compliance with legal mandates pertaining to accessible higher education while promoting universal design principles to optimize access for all learners. In addition, he works with students from local schools to foster effective transition from their current educational setting to SIUE. Jim earned a BA from Illinois College in 1985 and an MA in clinical adult psychology in 1997 from SIUE.

Contact Jim at 618-650-2568 or by email at


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Andrew (Andy) Koch is the ACCESS office's coordinator for instructional accessibility. He joined the office staff on March 12, 2012, first serving as the office support specialist before moving into his current position on February 1, 2016. His primary role is ensuring students' access to their courses and coursework, as well as promoting principles of universal/inclusive design in course-building. Along with the graduate assistant, he coordinates the disability awareness programming for the office. He also serves as the staff advisor to New Horizons, SIUE's student organization dedicated to issues surrounding disability awareness, access, inclusion and intersectionality.

Andy earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Eastern Illinois University in Spring 2003. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Education in college student personnel administration (CSPA) at SIUE.

Contact Andy at 618650-5692, or @AndyKochSIUE.


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Michelle Nickerson is the office administrator for the ACCESS office. She joined the departmental staff in May 2016. Michelle's duties consist of supporting the professional staff of the office, maintaining records, handling purchasing, monitoring the budget, staffing the front desk, assisting the clerk and supervising ACCESS's student workers. Prior to joining the ACCESS team, Michelle served in a variety of roles in other campus offices.

Contact Michelle at 618-650-3726 or by email at


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Calandra Mitchell is the test specialist at ACCESS. Her primary duties include scheduling and proctoring students' exams and the coordination of test procurement and delivery. Calandra joined the ACCESS team in September 2015

Contact Calandra at 618-650-3766 or by email at

Testing information should be submitted to the ACCESS office at


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Berthine Blanc is the accommodations clerk at ACCESS. Her primary duties include converting textbooks into various alternative formats and managing volunteer note-takers. She joined the staff in October 2017.

Contact Berthine at 618-650-3747 or by email at


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Husna Ibrahim has been the graduate assistant at ACCESS since August 2017. Her primary duties include programming, outreach and working one-on-one with select students.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in spring 2017. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Sociology at SIUE. Her area of interests include race, class, gender and sociology in the workplace.

Contact Husna at 618-650-3726 or by email at



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