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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

We the students, staff and faculty of the SIU School of Dental Medicine are dedicated to ensuring that you not only receive quality dental care but that you are treated in a professional manner. Toward this goal we are committed to the following Patients’ Rights:

  1. You shall be treated with respect and consideration at all times.
  2. You shall have confidentiality regarding personal information, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Your treatment shall be completed in a timely and efficient manner within the limitations of an educational environment.
  4. You shall have access to complete and current information pertaining to your condition.
  5. You shall be given an estimated cost for all treatment. (Note: Fees may increase before all treatment is complete.)
  6. A discussion of all your treatment needs including the risks, benefits and alternatives and a comprehensive treatment plan shall be provided before treatment begins. You shall be given an opportunity to ask questions, thus allowing you to make informed treatment decisions. (Informed consent)
  7. If the School of Dental Medicine cannot meet your treatment needs, you shall be given a thorough explanation. Whenever possible, recommendations regarding how to resolve your particular problems shall be given.
  8. You shall have the right to refuse treatment. However, if refusal of treatment is detrimental to your oral health, the school reserves the right to terminate any further treatment.
  9. As a comprehensive care patient, you shall be provided with patient-centered dental care. Comprehensive patient care at SIU/SDM is delivered through a multi-disciplinary approach designed to address all of a patient's dental needs, with the ultimate goal being the restoration and/or maintenance of the patient's oral health for maximum function and esthetics.
  10. You shall be treated with the utmost professionalism, and your dental treatment shall meet or exceed the standard of care.
  11. You shall have access to after-hours emergency dental care if you are assigned to a student and actively receiving comprehensive care.
  12. You shall have access to a patient advocate who will assist in the resolution of problems or refer you to the appropriate person for resolution.

Patient Responsibilities

Regular and timely appointments are essential to the quality of care you receive and your student's education. You should plan to be available at least two half days per month. The School of Dental Medicine reserves the right to discontinue your care if, in our judgment, you cancel or break appointments excessively or if you fail to follow treatment recommendations. It is also important that you provide updated personal and insurance information when changes occur. As mentioned above, payment is expected at the time of service.

Patient Advocate

If you have problems that your dental student cannot solve, please call our Patient Advocate at (618) 474‑7012 for individualized assistance. Your satisfaction with your dental care is important to us, and your suggestions or comments are always welcome.

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