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Cougar Balance
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Cougar Balance

Got Balance? Why Not?

Cougar Balance is about taking a preventative approach to overall health. It's about more than diet & exercise; its about the 'whole' person- physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual. It's about being on top of your game each and every day (feeling good), interacting in a positive way with people and the environment. To stay healthy and happy, join us for Wellness Wednesday in the Morris University Center.

Total wellness is comprised of:

Physical Wellness
Spiritual Wellness
Red Dot Social Wellness
Red Dot Emotional Wellness
Red Dot Intellectual Wellness

A perception and expectation of physical health

Red Dot Exercising regularly
Red Dot Eating properly
Red Dot Getting regular physical check-ups
Red Dot Avoiding the use of tobacco or illicit drugs

Meaning and purpose in life

Red Dot Being open to different cultures and religions
Red Dot Giving your time to volunteer or participate in community service activities
Red Dot Spending time defining personal values and ethics and making decisions that complement them
Red Dot Spending time alone in personal reflection

A perception of having support available from family, friends, or co-workers in times of need

Red Dot Being comfortable with and liking yourself as a person
Red Dot Interacting easily with people of different ages, backgrounds, races, lifestyles
Red Dot Communicating your feelings

The ability to cope with and/or improve unpleasant mood states

Red Dot Keeping a positive attitude
Red Dot Being sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others
Red Dot Learning to cope with stress

The perception of being internally energized by an optimal amount of intellectually stimulating activity

Red Dot Learning because you want to - not because you are told to. Doing the work assigned.
Red Dot Learning through varied experiences - reading, writing, sharing and exploration

If you have a question on healthy eating on campus contact Dining Services, if you need to get a health check up contact Health Service, if you need someone to talk to contact Counseling Services, if you need some information on fitness contact Campus Recreation, and if you need Spiritual guidance contact the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability.

Why Should I Do This?

Red Dot Going to college can be a major adjustment
Red Dot Many individuals are unaware of all the aspects of health
Red Dot One lacking area of health can cause all others to suffer
Red Dot Overall health helps provide better life satisfaction

There is far more to wellness than simply diet and exercise. Mental health, social health, emotional health, and spiritual health are also vital to your overall wellness. This is so because when one area starts lacking other areas are also more likely to falter, conversely, when one area improves other areas are more likely to improve as well. So each one is tied together and improving one can help improve your life and overall Wellness.

For example, stressing about a test can cause you to stay up late studying, which in turn causes you to lose sleep. This lack of sleep can put you in a bad mood, provide less energy to exercise the next day, and limit the energy that might be used cooking a healthy meal. Conversely a good night's sleep can leave you well rested putting you in a better mood with energy to exercise and cook a healthy meal.

Staying Healthy

H1N1 and You

Read more about H1N1 at the CDC website.

Stand Up (more) & Eat (better)

Join the billion calorie burn at the Stand Up & Eat website.

Wipe Down Wednesdays

Take a preventive measure this year by participating in Wipe Down Wednesdays! Wipe down your work station, desk, and any electronics used with an antibacterial wipe and stay healthy this year. Taking the extra step to keep items you use daily clean and free of germs might help you fight the flu this season. Make Wednesdays special by doing the extra step!

And as we enter the flu season... Don't forget to wash your hands!

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