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Immunization Requirements

Please submit your immunization records via fax or scan as soon as possible to avoid problems with registration.

  • According to a State of Illinois law, students must provide proof of protection against the certain diseases to enroll in courses at SIUE.
  • A history of your immunization inoculations must be submitted by
    • Fall:  June 15 (preferred) - July 10 (deadline)
    • Spring:  November 15 (preferred) - December 10 (deadline)
  • The required form can be found here.
  • This form must be signed by your doctor.
  • Records not in English must be submitted with a translation.
  • Please complete this form as completely as possible before sending it. Failure to properly show that you have received the required immunizations will result in Health Services assuming you have not had all of them. They will, therefore, ask you to pay a fine or take more shots upon arrival.
  • A list of immunization requirements follow and additional information is available here.
  • An overview of required inoculations is below. Please pay special attention to required age limitations at administration. This will save you time, in the end. If all the following immunization criteria have not been adhered to, according to the immunization form you send, you will be required to go back to the doctor to get another shot and send a revised form proving you have done so. Alternately, you will be required to get the remaining immunization(s) at SIUE Health Services during orientation week. (Because orientation week can be a busy time, it is generally better for students to get all of these immunizations taken care of in their home country before coming to SIUE.)

1. MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)

RUBEOLA (Measles, Red Measles)

A. Immunization with 2 doses of live measles vaccine at least 28 days apart after January 1, 1968, and on or after your first birthday, OR

B. Disease confirmed by physician records (requires physician signature), OR

C. Rubeola positive titer confirming immunity (attach lab report).


A. Immunization with live virus vaccine on or after your 1st birthday, OR

B. Disease confirmed by physician records (requires physician's signature), OR

C. Mumps positive titer confirming immunity (attach lab report).

RUBELLA (3 day measles, German measles)

A. Immunization with live virus vaccine on or after your 1st birthday, OR

B. Rubella positive titer confirming immunity (attach lab report).

C. History of disease is NOT acceptable

2. A PPD (Mantoux) Tuberculin skin test is required of all international students within 5 months prior to entering or upon arrival to SIUE. This may be done the same day as an MMR shot, but not until 4 weeks following an MMR immunization, OR, a negative chest X-ray (attach X-ray report), OR, a negative Quantiferon Blood Test (attach lab report).

3. A combination of 3 or more shots of Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus OR Tetanus/Diphtheria with the 3rd dose being within 10 years is required. Tetanus Toxoid is NOT acceptable in fulfilling this requirement.

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