cmis587syllabus.htm; updated September 22, 2011


CMIS 587: Information Systems Internship - 3 semester hours credit
COURSE OUTLINE - Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville - School of Business


Supervised by: CMIS Program Director, Founders Hall-CMIS Office, Office Phone: 618-650-2504, Office: by appointment contact the Department Secretary at 650-2504 for an appointment. 


EFFECTIVE DATE:  This syllabus is effective with the Fall term, 2005 and remains in effect until revised.

PREREQUISITE:  Consent of instructor or program director, and internship company.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Application of tools from the information systems program to an organization under supervision with a written report of experiences.  





  • Provide students the opportunity to apply knowledge learned during the course of their studies to a real-world environment.
  • Provide an internal assessment of the degree to which the departmental curriculum is meeting industry needs.

GENERAL: Enrollment in CMIS 587requires you to have completed your computing core within the MS in CMIS program.  The CMIS 587 internship may be taken for 3 credit hours.  In order to complete 3 credit hours, you must complete at least 120 hours on the job as an intern with the company that is sponsoring your internship. 


HOW TO ENROLL:  See the CMIS 587 web page for enrollment information.

WRITTEN REPORT:  At the end of the internship semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer), you will prepare a written report documenting the learning experience.  The report must address the following points and is limited to a minimum of eight and a maximum of sixteen double-spaced pages.

  • Page 1:  Internship Company Information.  On the first page of your report, give the name of the internship company, the name of the department where you worked, the name of your supervisor, and the title of the position you held as an intern.  Provide information that will enable me to contact the supervisor if there are questions about the completion of the internship.
  • Page 2:  Responsibilities and Tasks/Projects.  List (preferably in bullet format) the responsibilities and/or tasks and projects which you fulfilled or completed while working as an intern. 
  • Pages 3 through 8 (to 16):  Lessons Learned.  Beginning with page 2, provide a narrative discussion of the lessons you learned while working as an intern.  The narrative should be in the format of a journal with periodic (every few days) entries that discuss the lessons learned for that period.  At a minimum, entries should be made on a weekly basis.  Link the lessons learned to the training you received at SIUE as part of your coursework.  At times you may encounter tasks that require you to learn about and assimilate the use of new information technologies that were not taught as part of your course work.  When you encounter new technologies, provide a journal entry with your assessment as to the usefulness of these new technologies and how the training you received with other technologies enabled you to learn to use the new technologies.   This provides the department feedback that may assist us in tailoring our instruction to meet industry demands.

The report is due on Friday, the week prior to final examinations.  Failure to submit the report will result in an incomplete in the course. Late reports will automatically result in a letter grade reduction in your grade for the internship course. Submit the report to the Director of CMIS program.

GRADING:  Your grade is a function of your performance as an intern and your written report.  One week prior to the final examination week of the term, you must remind your internship supervisor from your intern company to complete an evaluation of your performance.  A copy of the evaluation form is found on the course home page, and may be printed for completion by the supervisor.  The report must be signed and submitted in writing - electronic submissions are NOT acceptable.  The evaluation received from your internship supervisor where you complete your intern will constitute 60% of your grade.  Your written report will constitute the remaining 40% of your grade.  The grading scale is:  A-Outstanding work; B-Above average work; C-Average work; D-Below average work; E-Unacceptable work.

INCOMPLETE POLICY:  Grades of Incomplete will not be given unless some act beyond your control takes place which materially affects your ability to complete the internship, for example, severe illness, emotional trauma due to a death in the family, or accident.  You will receive a grade of Incomplete if you fail to submit the required report or if I do not receive the required supervisory evaluation of your performance.