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Undergraduate Level - CMIS 488: Information Systems Internship

Contact the CMIS Department Chairperson to enroll in this course.

General: Enrollment in CMIS 488 requires you to have senior status - you must be a senior during the term in which the internship is to be completed, or you must be enrolling during the Summer term immediately preceding the Fall term for your senior year. The course is not open to graduate students - graduate students enroll in CMIS 587 for internship credit.

The CMIS 488 internship may be taken for 3 to 6 hours of credit with most students completing 3 credit hours. The course may be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours credit, 3 hours each in two consecutive terms; however, the internship experience must be different in each term. This means that you may intern with the same firm both terms, but the position or work assignment must be different each term. In order to complete 3 credit hours, you must complete at least 120 hours on the job as an intern with the company that is sponsoring your internship.

Internship Company: It is your responsibility to find an internship position. You may find positions advertised through the Career Development Center or you may find positions through advertisements or by other means. The CMIS department does not provide internship positions.

Enrollment Requirements and Procedures: CMIS 488 is credited as a CMIS elective within your program of study. In order to enroll, you must complete the Internship Approval Letter (hyperlink to the letter is given below) and deliver it to the CMIS Department Chairperson as evidence that you have identified a firm that is willing to sponsor the internship. Enrollment will not be approved until the letter is received in hard-copy (no emails):

  • CMIS 488 Syllabus
  • Internship Approval Letter - Take this form to the supervisor at the firm where you will complete your internship - complete the form, have it signed, and return it to the CMIS Department Chairperson.
  • Complete the Independent Study/Internship Enrollment Form (click the hyperlink, or obtain a copy of the form from the Business Student Services Office).
  • Deliver the signed Internship Approval Letter and the Independent Study/Internship enrollment form to the CMIS Department Chairperson. Enrollment will not be approved until the Internship Approval Letter is received in hard-copy (no emails). The CMIS Department Chairperson will keep the Internship Approval Letter on file as evidence that you have identified a firm that is willing to sponsor the internship. The Course Enrollment Form will be signed and returned to you.
  • Go to the Business Student Services office with the signed Independent Study/Internship Enrollment Form and enroll in CMIS 488.

End of Term Evaluation:

  • Internship Evaluation Form - Take this form to the supervisor at the firm where you have worked as an intern. Ask the supervisor to complete the form and forward it to our office one week prior to final examination week.
  • Email the required paper to the Department Chair.
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