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Office of the Bursar

Office of the Bursar
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Financial Clearance and Access to University Services

What is financial clearance? Financial clearance means you are officially enrolled for the semester and given access to University services including classroom attendance, fitness center, Blackboard, housing, meal plan, library, computer labs, and Student Job Finder.

How do I get financially cleared? All previous semester charges must paid in full and, at a minimum, the first installment for the current semester must be paid, or, you must have enough financial aid to cover the entire balance.

How can I tell if I am financially cleared? Your financial clearance status appears on Cougarnet (login and select Student, Student Account, Account Detail for Term). The financial clearance status is updated nightly.

Does financially cleared mean I am paid in full? No, it means you have made the minimum payment to be officially enrolled and will not have your classes dropped.

Can I be financially cleared based on my financial aid? Yes, if your aid is enough to cover your entire balance. If your aid does not cover your entire balance, then you will need to make a payment.

Will my classes get dropped if I am not financially cleared? Yes, students who are not financially cleared by 4:30 p.m. Central Time on the first payment due date of the Fall and Spring semesters will have their classes dropped.

What if I add a class after I paid my first installment? Adding a class after you are financially cleared will not affect your financial clearance status. Be careful, however, if you make a payment and add a class in the same day. If the financial clearance status wasn't updated by the system before you added a class, then your payment may not have been sufficient. Check your financial clearance status on Cougarnet.

Does the Bursar's Office ever unclear a student who had been financially cleared? Only if a student's check or eCheck payment bounces, then we would contact the student and inform them that they must make another form of payment or their financial clearance may be removed.

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