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Though most types of workplace discrimination are illegal, employers still discriminate based on gender, race/ethnicity, age, physical ability and sexual orientation. Please learn about the law so you can fight back when denied wages, jobs or promotion.

If you discover you have been discriminated against, report such cases to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Our closest office is in St. Louis.

Sadly, gay, lesbian and transgendered men and women are not legally protected. This means they can be fired and denied rights simply because they do not conform to what a small group of religious people find morally acceptable. Human Rights Campaign, however, provides lots of information to GLBTQ folk about how to fight back when discriminated against at work.

At SIUE, Safe Zone, provides a place for GLBTQ students to go when experiencing discrimination. Also try the student organizations: Making Waves and Gay/Straight Alliance.

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