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While the University is a place of learning, it is also a place where a disproportionate number of rapes/sexual assaults occur. One in five college women will experience rape during their college years (, putting college women at a higher risk for sexual assault than other women the same age.

Sadly, very few campuses provide information about rape/sexual assault statistics at their schools because they feel that this would give them bad P.R. Keeping such information from women can make it more difficult for them to report their experiences because they internalize the myth that the assault is their fault rather than see the assault as part of a larger, structural issue.

Thankfully, there are many grass roots organizations that can provide women valuable information about how to report rape/sexual assault (if she wants) and how to cope with sexual assault, even assault experienced prior to college!

At SIUE, the counseling services provides a support group for victims of sexual assault.

In the metro east area, victims are also encouraged to seek services from Call for Help.

Safe Connections, in St. Louis, provides a 24 hour hot-line and counseling for survivors of violence: domestic violence, childhood abuse, rape and sexual assault.

Finally, there exists a wonderful web-site with women's personal stories plus a web of information available at RAINN.

Of course, if you wish to report a sexual assault, you can contact SIUE campus police or your areas 911.

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