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Sexual Harassment can occur IN THE UNIVERSITY and IN THE WORKPLACE. Sometimes victims of harassment feel guilty or blame themselves and do not want to cause problems for the aggressor. There is no correct way to handle sexual harassment. It is important to know that you are not alone, however, and that you have options. The Sexual Harassment Support website provides great definitions, facts and stories of people who have been victimized. This web-site also provides character sketches of typical aggressors.

The Feminist Majority Foundation provides information about how to report harassment.

While SIUE has a stringent policy that prohibits sexual harassment, students still recount stories of receiving unwanted attention from those with more power than them. You have power, however. Report the harassment here.

Students are sometimes harassed based on their sexual orientation. Indeed, research shows that GLBTQ youth are more likely to drop out of school and/or feel concerned for their physical and emotional safety more than any other group. Fight Back! It's their problem, not yours!

Women and men of color can experience not only sexual harassment but racial harassment as well. Racial slurs or stereotypes can make it difficult to concentrate on classes and work. Unfortunately, there is less research being done about racial harassment than sexual harassment. Furthermore, if an employee or student is experiencing both sexual and racial harassment, the courts make individuals file two different lawsuits, making it difficult for victims to redress both issues. People who are experiencing racial harassment are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Learn more about your rights at

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