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Pre-Law Minor

PRE-LAW MINOR (Total 21 credits)

21 hours for the minor (7 courses)

Prerequisites to declaring minor: Grade of C or better in ENG 102 and either PHIL 106 or MATH 106.

Retention Standards : Grade of C or better in minor coursework

1. A student may take no more than two courses from a specific department to fulfill the requirements of the minor.

2. A student must take a minimum of 4 courses at either the 300 or 400 level at SIUE in order to successfully complete the minor.

Skills Courses

Required Introductory Course to the Minor (does not count towards a specific department)

  • CJ 348/PHIL 348/POLS 392: Law and Society

Written (at least 1 required, and others may be taken as electives)

  • ENG 201 Intermediate Composition
  • ENG 332 Argument
  • ENG 334 Scientific Writing
  • ENG 490 Advanced Composition
  • POLS 292 Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing

Oral Communication (at least 1 required and others may be taken as electives)

  • ACS 200 Advanced Public Speaking
  • ACS 300 Communication in Interviewing
  • ACS 304 Conflict Management and Communication

Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning, Logic (at least 1 required and others may be taken as electives)

  • PHIL 213 Introduction to Deductive Logic
  • PHIL 207 Probability and Decision
  • MATH 223 Logic and Mathematical Reasoning
  • PSYC 206 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 208 Cognitive Psychology
  • ECON 331 Labor Economics

Interdisciplinary Courses (elective)

  • IS 3XX: Popular Culture, Media and Crime [new course to be created]
  • IS 350/WST 350: Women in Social Institutions
  • IS courses as approved by the Pre-Law Coordinator

Legal Studies (two required, one from each section and others may be taken as electives)

Principles of Law (at least 1 required)

  • CJ 206 Principles of Criminal Law
  • CJ 207 Criminal Procedure
  • POLS 390* The Judicial System or CJ 410 Judicial Process (cannot take both)
  • POLS 495* Constitutional Law: Powers of Government
  • POLS 496* Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Theory or Application of Law (at least 1 required and others may be taken as electives)

  • PHIL 343/POLS 391 Philosophy of Law
  • ENSC 402/POLS497 Environmental Law
  • PHIL 498/POLS 498 Legal Theory
  • MC 401 Media Law & Policy
  • CNST 310 Legal Aspects of Land Surveying
  • CNST 411 Construction Contracts**
  • POLS 424* Administrative Law
  • POLS 499* Public Law
  • CJ 465 Theories of a Just Society
  • ACCT 340 Business Law for Accountants
  • HIST 201 US History and Constitution
  • PHIL 340 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 440/POLS 484 Classical Political Theory
  • PHIL 441/POLS 485 Modern Political Theory

Elective Courses

NOTE: Students may select one course from these areas, or may choose to take a course from the above-referenced Skills Courses to meet this Elective requirement.

Critical Thinking, Quantitative Reasoning, Logic

  • STAT 107 Concepts of Statistics
  • STAT 244 Statistics
  • MS 250 Mathematical Methods for Business Analysis
  • MS 251 Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions
  • ACCT 200 Introduction to Principles of Accounting
  • POLS 300* Introduction to Political Analysis
  • ECON 111 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECON 112 Principles of Microeconomics

Applications / Extensions of Law

  • ANTH 350 Applied Anthropology
  • ANTH 312 Contemporary Native Americans
  • ANTH 366 Biology of Human Behavior
  • ANTH 359 Law, Politics and Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • PHIL 320 Ethics
  • PHIL 321 Ethics in the Medical Community
  • PHIL 322 Environmental Ethics
  • PSYC 320 Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • PSYC 365 Group Dynamics and Individual Behavior
  • PSYC 431 Psychopathology

Written Communication

  • ENG 405 Pragmatics
  • ENG 409 Syntax
  • ENG 416 Language and Society
  • ENG 369 Grammatical Analysis
  • ENG 491 Technical and Business Writing

Oral Communication

  • SPC 305 Listening
  • SPC 430 Persuasion and Social Influence
  • THEA 112a Core: Acting 1
  • THEA 210 Improvisation
  • POLS 410* Legal Internship

*Please note that Political Science requires that POLS 111, 112 and 300 each be completed with a grade of C or better prior to taking any other 300 or 400 level Political Science courses. For those students accepted to the Pre-Law minor, Political Science is allowing such students to take upper level Political Science courses if POLS 111 or 112 has been completed with a grade of C or better. However, Political Science recommends the completion of POLS 300 or one of the courses included in the Critical Thinking/Quantitative Reasoning/Logic grouping prior to enrolling in an upper level Political Science course.

** Students must take CNST 341 Plans and Specifications prior to enrolling in CNST Construction Contracts.

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