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How to Apply: No application. Students declare through SIUE's General Advising Office.

Program Overview


To be admitted to the bachelor of science or bachelor of arts program, students must:

   1. Complete all Academic Development courses required by the University.

   2. Complete any courses required to address high school deficiencies.

   3. Complete RA 101, PHIL 212, or PHIL 213 with a grade of C or better.

Note: RA 101 does not count for credit toward the major in philosophy.

Retention and Academic Standards

Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0.


Course work completed at regionally accredited institutions will be evaluated upon admission to the University. Results of transfer credit evaluations are available to students through CougarNet. For

more information about transfer, please visit

Students transferring philosophy courses from another institution should consult a Philosophy advisor to review how these will apply toward the requirements for a BA or BS in philosophy.

 A grade of C or better must be earned in all philosophy transfer courses to count toward the required 33 hours.

Degree Requirements (120 hours total)

General Education Requirements (35 hours)

University general education requirements are outlined in the General Education section of the SIUE Undergraduate Catalog. Some general education requirements may be satisfied while completing this major.

Philosophy Course Requirements (33 hours)

1. History of Philosophy (6 hours)

   A) PHIL 300 – Classical Greek Philosophy
   B) PHIL 304 - Eighteenth Century Philosophy OR
       PHIL 307 - Seventeenth Century Philosophy

2. Area Requirements (12 hours, one course from each of the following areas):

   A) Metaphysics and Epistemology
       PHIL 310 – Theories of Knowledge
       PHIL 330 – Metaphysics
       PHIL 345 – Women, Knowledge, and Reality
       PHIL 350 – Philosophy of Mind
       PHIL 355 – Philosophy of Language
       PHIL 411 – Advanced Logic

   B) Value Theory
       PHIL 222 – Environmental Ethics
       PHIL 225 – Contemporary Moral Issues
       PHIL 320 – Ethics
       PHIL 321 – Ethics in the Medical Comm.
       PHIL 323 – Engineering, Ethics, and Prof.
       PHIL 340 – Social and Political Philosophy
       PHIL 343 – Philosophy of Law
       PHIL 344 – Women and Values
       PHIL 346 – Feminist Theory
       PHIL 440 – Classical Political Theory
       PHIL 441 – Modern Political Theory
       PHIL 496 – Topics in Ethics
   C) Cultural Pluralism
       PHIL 233 - Philosophies and Diverse Cultures
       PHIL 234 - World Religions
       PHIL 335 – Islamic Thought
       PHIL 337 - American Indian Thought
       PHIL 344 – Women and Values
       PHIL 345 – Women, Knowledge, and Reality
       PHIL 347 – Philosophy of Race
       PHIL 390 – Philosophy Here and Abroad
   D) Religion
       PHIL 230 - Atheism
       PHIL 234 - World Religions
       PHIL 331 – Philosophy, Science and Religion
       PHIL 333 – Philosophy of Religion
       PHIL 335 – Islamic Thought
       PHIL 336 – Christian Thought
       PHIL 337 – American Indian Thought

3. PHIL 480 – Senior Assignment (3 hours)

4. PHIL 490 – Philosophy Seminar (3 hours)

5. Philosophy Electives (9 hours)

Any course listed above and not used for another requirement may be used as a Philosophy Elective. In addition, any course listed below may be used as a Philosophy Elective.

   PHIL 111 - Introduction to Philosophy
   PHIL 212 - Inductive Logic
   PHIL 213 - Introduction to Deductive Logic
   PHIL 226 - Philosophy and Film
   PHIL 228 - Philosophy and Literature
   PHIL 301 - Medieval Western Philosophy
   PHIL 302 - Hellenistic Philosophy
   PHIL 303 - Nineteenth Century Western Philosophy
   PHIL 305 - Existentialism
   PHIL 306 - American Philosophy
   PHIL 308 - Twentieth Century European Philosophy
   PHIL 309 - Twentieth Century Analytic Philosophy
   PHIL 314 - Philosophy of Science
   PHIL 316 - Philosophy of Biology
   PHIL 325 - Philosophy of Art
   PHIL 348 - Law and Society
   PHIL 495 - Independent Readings
   PHIL 498 - Legal Theory

A grade of C or above must be earned in all Philosophy courses to count toward the required 33 hours.

Other Program Requirements

Philosophy Minor (18-24 hours)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Requirements:

   8 hours Foreign Language
   6 additional courses (18 hours) in Humanities or Fine and Performing Arts (may include Philosophy courses)
   Additional electives (20-26 hours)

Bachelor of Science (BS) Requirements:

   Second LAB experience
   8 courses (24 hours) in Life, Physical, or Social Sciences
   Additional Electives (12-18 hours)

BA in Philosophy with Law Specialization:

To complete a BA in Philosophy with a Law specialization, all the requirements for a standard BA in Philosophy must be satisfied (including 33 required credit hours with a C or better, a minor, and 8 hours of Foreign Language). Because the Law specialization includes a foreign language requirement, only the BA (and not the BS) has a Law specialization option. The standard BA requirements include a History of Philosophy sequence (6 hours), PHIL 480 (3 hours) and PHIL 490 (3 hours), 12 hours selected from 4 subject areas, and 9 hours of PHIL electives. The requirements for the Law specialization include 9 hours of required courses (6 of which replace electives and 3 of which may be applied to the Value Theory Area), 3 hours from a new subject area in Political and Legal Theory (replaces the remaining elective), and 3 hours in the Metaphysics and Epistemology area that must be satisfied by selecting one of two courses in that area.

For the Law specialization, courses selected to satisfy the requirements for the standard BA in Philosophy must include the following 15 hours:

Required courses (9 hours)

   PHIL 213 - Introduction to Deductive Logic
   PHIL 343 - Philosophy of Law (same as POLS 391)
   PHIL 320 - Ethics (satisfies Value Theory area)

Political and Legal Theory Area (3 hours)

   PHIL 340 - Social and Political Philosophy
   PHIL 440 - Classical Political Theory (same as POLS 484)
   PHIL 441 - Modern Political Theory (same as POLS 485)
   PHIL 498 - Legal Theory (same as POLS 498)

Metaphysics and Epistemology Area (3 hours)

   PHIL 310 - Theories of Knowledge
   PHIL 355 – Philosophy of Language

Minor (18-24 hours)

As with the standard Philosophy BA, the Law specialization requires a minor. Students completing the BA in Philosophy with a Law specialization will have satisfied coursework in two of the five areas of the Pre-Law minor (PHIL 213 satisfies the Critical Thinking requirement; PHIL 343 satisfies the Theory and Application of Law requirement), and will need to complete 5 additional courses outside of Philosophy to complete the Pre-Law minor. See the Pre-Law section of the Undergraduate Catalog for details. The following are also excellent choices for a minor or a second major, since these courses of study (along with Philosophy) are correlated with high law school acceptance rates and high LSAT scores:
   Political Science

Foreign Language

It is recommended that students satisfy the 8 hours of foreign language required for the BA with Latin 101 and Latin 102.

The Philosophy Minor


Students must successfully complete RA 101 or any PHIL course with a C or better before applying for a minor in philosophy.

Note: RA 101 does not count for credit toward the minor in philosophy.

Courses Required

A minor in philosophy consists of successful completion (C or better) of 18 hours in philosophy, including three different courses in three of the following: History of Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology Area, Value Theory Area, Cultural Pluralism Area, Religion Area.

Graduation Requirements

   1) Complete all specific program requirements.

   2) Complete all University requirements including: 

  • All general education requirements
  • A minimum of 120 credit hours
    • At least 30 of which must be completed at SIUE
    • At least 60 of which must be completed at a regionally accredited 4-year institution
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0
  • Bachelor of Arts only: one year of the same foreign language
  • Bachelor of Science only: one additional LAB experience course

   3) File an Application for Graduation by the first day of the term in which you plan to graduate.

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