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Philosophy 490 Senior Seminar Announcement

Each semester the SIUE Philosophy Department offers a PHIL 490-Special Problems course, which is taught by a different professor each semester.

SIUE Course Description of PHIL 490:

Seminar for qualified seniors and graduate students to pursue specific topics in depth. Varied content. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours so long as no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Below are the links to the upcoming semesters' senior seminar.

  • Spring 2015 - Professor Ware
  • Spring 2016 - Professor Krag
    • Health and Enhancement - This course will explore important metaphysical and ethical questions concerning the topics of health and enhancement.  We will look first at several competing theoretical conceptions of health and disease.  These conceptions will, in turn, help us to draw distinctions between therapeutic treatments which make us well by restoring our health, and a new and ever growing class of medical treatments which have the capacity to make us better than well by enhancing normal traits to new heights.  With these distinctions in hand we will then evaluate the moral implications of such treatments, treatments which promise to make us stronger, smarter, happier and even perhaps, more virtuous.
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