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Philosophy Colloquia


Talks in the Department of Philosophy's Colloquium Series are always free and open to the SIUE community and members of the broader community. Talks occur on Friday afternoons from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Speakers, topics, and location are announced closer to the date of the colloquium.

For more information, please contact the Philosophy Department.


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Spring 2019

Dr. Ermine V. Algaier IV, Monmouth College, "“Radical Empiricism and Irrationality: On Navigating James, Howison, and the Logical Problem of Immortality” (March 29, 2019)
Dr. Alison Reiheld
, SIUE (Sabbatical Presentation), "Welcome and Rejected: An Ethical Analysis of St. Louis Transgender Folks' Narratives of Seeking Health Care" (March 1, 2019)
Dr. Chris Dorst, Washington University in St. Louis, "Why are the Laws so Useful?" (February 8, 2019)

Fall 2018

Dr. Matthew Schunke, SIUE, "Marion, Postive Causal Networks, and Significance in Life" (September 7, 2018)
Dr. Emily Kelahan, Illinois Wesleyan University, "Some Underappreciated Insights of Locke's Account of Miracles" (September 29, 2018)
Dr. Michelle Ciurria, University of Missouri - St. Louis, "Apt Blame & Praise: An Intersectional Feminist Approach to Moral Responsibility" (November 30, 2018)

Fall 2017

Dr. Cassie Herbert, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, “Derogatives” (9/29/17)
Dr. Lane DesAutels Missouri Western State University (10/06/17)
Dr. Bryan Lueck,  SIUE (11/10/2017)

Spring 2017

Richard Fry, SIUE, (2/10/17)
Matt Schunke, SIUE, (3/17/17)
Jonathan Nelson, PhD from SLU (04/07/17)
Jennifer Logue, Education, SIUE (04/28/17)

Fall 2016

Matthew Cashen, SIUE,“Suffering, Happiness, and Excellence in Aristotle’s Ethics.” (9/30/16)
Sue Cataldi, SIUE, “Trust in Cinema through the Lens of Shutter Island.” (10/14/16)
Helen Daly, Colorado College, "On Insults" (11/11/16)
Helen Daly, Colorado College, "Modeling Sex/Gender” (11/12/16)

Spring 2016

Susan Townzen, Claremont Graduate University, "Maya Philosophy of Time" (1/22/16)
Patrick Connolly, Iowa State University, "Early Modern Philosophy" (2/26/16)
Elanor Taylor, Iowa State University, "Metaphysics, Mind, Phil. Sci., Metaphysics of Gender" (2/27/16)
Jason Gardener, WUSTL / SIUE, "Mental Illness and the Concept of Health" (4/8/16)
Saba Fatima, SIUE, "What it means to be an American? : American Ignorance and Reconciliation with the Past" (4/22/16).

Fall 2015

Dr. Matthew Cashen, SIUE, “External Goods in Aristotle’s *Politics*.” (9/11/2015)
Richard Spencer, Dean of Liberal Arts at SWIC, "Durkheim and Rationality" (10/23/2015)
Dr. Kristen Irwin. Loyola University Chicago "Leibniz on the Grounds for Religious Toleration." (11/6/20150

Spring 2015

Dr. Greg Littman, SIUE, presents "Self-Referential Dilemmas Defy Standard Solutions to Paradoxes of Self-Reference" (2/13/2015)
Dr. Marcus Hedahl, US Naval Academy, presents "Collective Agent / Collective Cat: How the Capacity for Moral Agency is a Feature of Collective Actions rather than Collective Actors” (3/27/2015)
Dr. James Mattingly, Georgetown University, presents “Humean Natural Philosophy” (4/17/2015)

Fall 2014

Dr. Alyson Spurgas, presents "Posttraumatic Stress, Dissociative, and Sexual Desire Disorders in the DSM-5: Separating Sexuality from Relationality" (10/3/2014)
Dr. Chris Pearson presents "Reductionism, Multiple Realizability, and the Problem of Kind Individuation in Developmental Biology" (10/31/14)
Dr. Skip Larkin presents "Holding Safety Paramount" (11/14/14)
Dr. Travis Rieder, Hecht-Levi Fellow at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, presents: "It's Time to Have 'The Talk': The Case for Combating Climate Disruption through Population Reduction" (12/5/14) 

Spring 2014

Dr. Carl Craver presents "Graphing the Brain’s Dark Energy – Network analysis and Cortical Systems” (4/25/2014)

Fall 2013

Dr. Josh Heter presents “Epistemic Possibility and Practical Reasoning” (9/20/2013)
Dr. William Rehg presents “Does Science Serve the Common Good?” (11/15/2013)
Dr. William Larkin presents "A Decentralized Land Ethic" (11/22/2013)

Spring 2013

Ezio Vailati presents "Information That Might Not Have Been Obtained" (3/29/2013)
Elizabeth Victor (4/5/2013)
Alison Reiheld presents "Holding Fast and Letting Go: The Ethics of Remembering and Letting Go" (4/19/2013)

Fall 2012

Elizabeth Victor presents "Scientific Research & Civil Rights" (9/7/2012)
Ezio Vailati presents "Nazi Narratives in Leni Riefenstahl's 'Olympia'" (10/12/2012)
Dr. Charlie Kurth (Washington University in St. Louis) presents "Better Assurance-Based Account of Promises" (11/30/2012)

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