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Groups & Ensembles

Beginning Orchestra, Edwardsville String Ensemble, and Edwardsville Youth Orchestra, are the reading orchestras of the Saturday Morning Group Classes for the SIUE Suzuki String Program. Students of any ages or programs may join. Edwardsville Youth Orchestra is by audition only.

Our Advanced Ensembles, Cello Ensemble, Viola Camerata, and Tour Group, are by audition only and open only to private students of our program teachers.

Other non performing groups for our younger students include Music and Movement, Technique Groups arranged by age and book level, and beginning reading classes, such as flashcards and "I Can Read Music" based on Joanne Martin's reading series.

Tour Group and Viola Camerata Members: Important Dates for 2018-2019

Saturday, September 8—St. Mary’s Fall Festival Suzuki Program Play-In
Who: All students in the Suzuki Program; we need Tour Group members as leaders and to play our more advanced pieces!
When: Saturday 9/8 (first day of Saturday Class!) from 1:30-2:30 PM
Where: Main Stage, 1802 Madison, Edwardsville IL 62025
Wear: SIUE or Tour Group T-Shirt, jeans. Casual but nice.
Repertoire List: Heins Country Dance, Fascination, Finsk Tango, Fiocco Allegro, Bach Double, Humoresque, Donkey Doodle, Shetland Islands, Parongrisen, Mamma Mia, Lovers Waltz, Gypsy Dance, Pizzicato Polka and Dorothea Polka, Handel Bourree, Etude, Perpetual Motion, Andantino, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Twinkle MSS and Theme

Saturday, September 22—Tour Group/VCAM Performance at Edwardsville Art Fair Who: All Tour Group and VCAM members
When: Saturday 9/22 from 2-3PM
Where: Edwardsville Art Fair, 101 S. Buchanan St, Edwardsville IL 62025.
Wear: SIUE or Tour Group/VCAM T-Shirt, jeans. Casual but nice.
Repertoire List: Heins Country Dance, Fascination, Finsk Tango, Fiocco Allegro, Gypsy Dance, Bach Double, Shenendoah, Humoresque, Viola Allegro, Shetland Islands, Parongrisen, Quantz Quartet, La Folia, Pizzicato and Dorothea Polkas, Lover’s Waltz, Mamma Mia

Monday, October 8 (Columbus Day)—Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) All-District Orchestra Auditions
Who: High and Middle School students who are auditioning for IMEA. See your school orchestra teacher for details.

Saturday, October 27—Tour Group and Viola Camerata Pictures (also CONCERTO COMPETITION DAY) Who: All Tour Group and Viola Camerata members
When: Saturday, 10/27, 10 AM (Saturday Class time) Don’t be late or you may miss group picture! Where: Founders Hall
Wear: Tour Group/VCAM uniforms

Saturday, November 17 —IMEA All-District Festival at SIU-Carbondale.
Who: High and Middle School students were accepted into IMEA. See your school orchestra teacher for details.

Sunday, December 2—SIUE Suzuki Ensembles Concert
Who: All Tour Group and VCAM Students!
When: Sunday, 12/2, 2 PM (call at 1 PM)
Where: Dunham Hall Theater
Wear: Tour Group/VCAM uniforms

Saturday, January 26—Graduation and Honors Recital
Who: Anyone graduating or performing an Honors Performance (talk to your teacher)
When: Saturday, January 26th, 1:30 PM
Where: Abbott Auditorium, SIUE

Friday-Saturday, March 1-2—SIUE Suzuki Workshop
February/March 2019 Exact Date TBD-- Tour Group and Viola Camerata Lock In!
Please send us your recommendations of a venue for the lock in so we can firm up the plans ASAP.

Sunday, April 28—SIUE Suzuki Spring Festival Concert
Who: All Tour Group and Viola Camerata Students!
When: Sunday, 4/28, 2 PM (Call at 1 PM)
Where: Meridian Ballroom, Memorial Union Center, SIUE
Wear: Tour Group uniforms

Tour Group and Viola Camerata Attendance Policy

Rehearsal Attendance:

It may seem like there are a lot of rules on this page, but they are there to promote clarity of expectations, fairness, and especially, to support us in reaching our musical goals. Although we do spend time in rehearsals learning notes, that is not the reason we rehearse together.

We rehearse together to present a musically, emotionally, and technically unified, refined and expressive performance. It is impossible to practice for this alone. Although there are many good, and worthy reasons to miss rehearsal, a player is either there, or not. When it comes to striving for a meaningful, expressive performance, all that matters is whether you were there, engaged and practicing with the team.

We also recognize that real life for our multi-tasking players means that, regrettably but understandably, almost everyone is going to miss an occasional rehearsal. We can balance and respect the needs of responsible young adults with our commitment to the music, the ensemble, and our audience.

—Allison and Erika

Tour Group & Viola Camerata Attendance Policy 2018-2019

  • Players are expected to attend all rehearsals and concerts during a year.

  • Each player is asked to complete a commitment form listing all planned absences at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters each year.

  • If a player must miss a rehearsal that was not accounted for on his/her commitment form, s/he should email Allison ( if s/he is in Tour Group and Erika ( if s/he is in Viola Camerata preferably before the rehearsal, or if that is not possible, as soon as possible afterward. Please DO NOT text message or call.

  • Lateness: Saturday Rehearsals are considered to begin at 10:00 AM.

  • If a player misses a rehearsal, they should make up for that rehearsal by playing the rehearsed material for their private teacher at their next lesson. The student is responsible for finding out what material they missed in the rehearsal.

  • The Director will determine whether each player is adequately prepared to play the concert. Lateness or absence from rehearsals may contribute to a player not being prepared to play.

  • Signing in at rehearsals and concerts: It is the player’s responsibility to sign in personally at every rehearsal and concert. Do not ask another to do it for you, or attempt to sign in retroactively. At the start of each rehearsal, the Director will collect the sign-in sheets and record any late arrivers. If you do not sign in, and you are not recorded as late by the Director, you are marked absent for that rehearsal.

  • Illness: This is up to each player’s discretion, but as a guide: if a player is well enough to be up and about during the day and is not contagious s/he should usually attend rehearsal.

  • Acquiring vital information from missed rehearsals: Players will take notes in their music as to what was rehearsed, as well as additions and changes in dates and times of rehearsals. It is each player’s responsibility to obtain these notes from a colleague, write them into his/her music, and learn the new material prior to the start of the next rehearsal.

Rehearsal attendance for Tour Group and Viola Camerata is REQUIRED. It is an honor to be part of these prestigious groups, and we expect our members to take it seriously and make it a priority. In the event of an unavoidable conflict, please notify Allison (for Tour Group) or Erika (for Viola Camerata). Put our concerts on your calendar NOW so that you can plan ahead and make sure you will be available. In addition, we will often use email to communicate with our members and their families, so please let us know your preferred email address.

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