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Quantitative Reasoning 101


For students who wish to proficiency the QR 101 requirement, there is a 40 question multiple choice proficiency test available. The test can be arranged by contacting Testing Services. Non-programmable, non-graphing, scientific calculators, such as those in the TI-30 line are allowed. Cell phone calculators are not allowed.  We strongly recommend that you first take the sample proficiency exam and prepare for the exam; you can only take the proficiency exam once.

The proficiency test covers the material in the course, as outlined below.

Catalog Description: Focuses on mathematical reasoning and real-life problems.  Including management science, coding, social choice and decision making, size and shape, and modeling.

Textbook:  Math in Our World (Third Edition) with Connect and Learn Smart
Dave Sobecki and Allan G Bluman
ISBN 978-0-07-351967-8
MHID 0-07-351968-7

Course Outline and Topics:

 Chapter 8: Consumer Math

  • 8-1 Percents
  • 8-2 Simple Interest
  • 8-3 Compound Interest
  • 8-4 Installment Buying
  • 8-5 Student Loans and Home Buying
  • 8-6 Investing in Stocks and Bonds      

Chapter 9: Measurement

  • 9-1 Measures of Length: Converting Units and the Metric System
  • 9-2 Measures of Area, Volume, and Capacity
  • 9-3 Measures of Weight and Temperature

Chapter 10: Geometry

  •  10-1 Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles
  • 10-2 Triangles
  • 10-3 Polygons and Perimeter
  • 10-4 Areas of Polygons and Circles
  • 10-5 Volume and Surface Area
  • 10-6 Right Triangle Trigonometry

Chapter 12: Statistics

  • 12-1 Gathering and Organizing Data
  • 12-2 Picturing Data
  • 12-8 Correlation (not the parts calculating the correlation coefficient)
  • Supplement: Misuses of Statistics

Chapter 13: Voting Methods

  • 13-1 Preference Tables and the Plurality Method
  • 13-2 The Borda Count Method and Plurality-with-Elimination Method
  • 13-3 The Pairwise Comparison Method and Approval Voting
  • 13-4 Apportionment
  • 13-5Apportionment Flaws

Some other books on the topic of Quantitative Reasoning include

Quantitative Reasoning: Tools for Today's Informed Citizen
by Alicia Sevilla, Kay Somers
ISBN 978-0-470-41232-9
June 2008, ©2007
Paperback, 656 pages

Mathematical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning, 1st Edition

Other resources to help prepare for the proficiency test may be found on the following websites.

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