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Department of Mathematics & Statistics


marcus agustin Marcus AGUSTIN
Professor and Graduate Program Director, Ph.D.: Bowling Green State University, 1997

office: SE 3306
phone: (618) 650-3681
email: magusti at

Research interest: statistics, reliability and survival analysis

Dr. Zenia Agustin

Ma. Zenia N. AGUSTIN

Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
Ph.D.: Bowling Green State University, 1997

office: SE 3326
phone: (618) 650-2357
email: zagusti at

Research interest: statistics

greg budzban Gregory Budzban
Professor, Ph.D.: University of South Florida, 1991

office: PH 3409
phone: (618) 650-5047
email: gbudzba at

Research interest: Probability on algebraic structures, in particular, matrix semigroups. Math education, especially the development of experiential mathematics curricula

S.F. Chew Song Foh CHEW
Professor, Ph.D.: Purdue University, Indiana, 2005

office: SE 2316
phone: (618) 650-3016
email: schew at

Research interest: Operations Research, particularly, the study of deadlock avoidance and robust supervisory control of resource allocation systems

Letitia Downen Letitia DOWNEN
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2006

office: SE 2350
phone: (618) 650-2517
email: ldownen at


Jacky Jiang Yi "Jacky" Jiang
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: Iowa State University, 2018

office: SE 3308
phone: (618) 650-2331
email: yjianaa at

Research Interest: Numerical Analysis and Computational Math

K.H. Leem Koung Hee LEEM
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Iowa, 2003

office: SE 2306
phone: (618) 650-2366
email: kleem at siue dot edu

Research interest: Numerical analysis and scientific computing

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2015

office: SE 2310
phone: (618) 650-2220
email: juliu  at siue dot edu


Research interest: PDE-Constrained Optimization and Optimal Control, Numerical PDEs, Numerical Linear Algebra

Dr. Cheryl Eames Cheryl LIZANO
Associate Professor, Ph.D.: Illinois State University, 2014

office: SE 2308
phone: (618) 650-5228
email:  ceames at siue dot edu

Research interest: mathematics education

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati, 2016

office: SE 2354
phone: (618) 650-5070
email: jloreau at siue dot edu

Research interest: Operator theory

Y. May Yukiko MAY
Instructor, MS.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 1993

office: SE 3310
phone: (618) 650-2193
email: ymay at

ray mcdaniel Raymond MCDANIEL
Instructor, MA.: University of Texas at Austin, 1985

office: SE 2332
phone: (618) 650-2156
email: rmcdani at

steve morrese Steven Morrese
Instructor, M.S.: Washington University St. Louis

office: SE 3312
phone: (618) 650-2356
email: smorres at

Ginger Nagel
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2009

office: SE 2334
phone: (618) 650-3023
email: gnagel at

Dr. Andy Neath Andrew A. NEATH
Professor, Ph.D.: University of California at Davis, 1994

office: SE 3316
phone: (618) 650-3590
email: aneath at

Research interest: statistics

Distinguished Research Professor and Chair, Ph.D.: University of Delaware, 1997

office: SE 2314
phone: (618) 650-2342
email: gpeleka at

Research interest: Inverse scattering

Ed Sewell Edward C. SEWELL
Distinguished Research Professor & assistant chair, Ph.D.: Cornell University, 1990

office: SE 2342
phone: (618) 650-3262
email: esewell at

Research interest: operations research

M.S. Song Myung-Sin SONG
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Iowa, 2005

office: SE 2326
phone: (618) 650-2580
email: msong at

Research interest: functional and harmonic analysis of wavelets

Stacey Staples G. Stacey STAPLES
Professor, Ph.D.: Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2004

office: SE 3314
phone: (618) 650-2364
email: sstaple at

Research interest: Operator calculus on graphs, algebraic probability, algebraic combinatorics, symbolic computation, combinatorial properties and applications of Clifford algebras

Jennifer Stock Jennifer Stock
Instructor, M.S.: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 2019

office: SE 2348
phone: (618) 650-2336
email: jestock at

Tammy Voepel Tammy VOEPEL
Associate professor, Ph.D.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1997

office: SE 2330
phone: (618) 650-2343
email: tvoepel at

Research interest: mathematics education

Beidi Qiang
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: University of South Carolina, Aug 2017

office: SE 2356
phone: (618) 650-2235
email: bqiang at

Research interest: Reliability analysis with dynamic system modeling, nonparametric and Bayesian methods, machine learning algorithms



Office Support Specialist

office: SE 2312
phone: (618) 650-2385
email: amusenb at

Barbara JATCKO
Office Support Specialist

office: SE 2324 (Tuesday, Thursday only)
phone: (618) 650-2383
email: bjatcko at

Emeritus Faculty

Marilyn Hasty Marilyn HASTY
Associate professor emerita, Ph.D.: SIU Carbondale, 1986

email: mhasty at

Chungwu HO
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.

Krzysztof Jarosz Krzysztof JAROSZ
Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.: Warsaw University, Poland, 1982

email: kjarosz at

Research interest: functional analysis & analytic functions; primarily small deformations of analytic and metric structures on Banach spaces and algebras, geometry of Banach spaces.

Professor emeritus, Ph.D.
President emeritus, Ph.D.
U. Ledzewicz Urszula LEDZEWICZ
Distinguished Research Professor Emerita, Ph.D.: Lodz University, Poland, 1984

email: uledzew at

Research interest: My general areas of expertise are optimal control, optimization, mathematical biology, and applied analysis. Student Advising & Teaching: Under my current NSF grant I am working on optimal control problems for mathematical models of various cancer treatments and I am welcoming students to join me on this interdisciplinary research in biomathematics. I could also provide other topics for applications of optimal control in science and engineering. Optimal control, although a branch of mathematics, has various engineering applications which makes for employment opportunities in industry.

Chunqing LU
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.: State University of New York at Buffalo, 1986
Dr. Paul Phillips Paul H. PHILLIPS
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.

email: pphilli at

S. Rigdon Steven E. RIGDON
Distinguished Research Professor emeritus, Ph.D.: University of Missouri-Columbia, 1985

email: srigdon at

David Steinberg

Dean and Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.

Professor emerita, Ph.D.
Howell K. WILSON
Professor emeritus, Ph.D.


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