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Christienne Hinz


Associate Professor


Office Phone: 618-650-2414 
Location: Peck Hall, Rm. 3221


2001: Ph.D. Japanese History, the Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio;
Minor fields: World History, Business History

1994: Ph.D. candidacy requirements completed,
Japanese History, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio;

1991-92: Stanford University's Inter-University Center for Japanese Language
Studies, Yokohama, Japan;

1989: B.A. with University Honours, Japanese, The Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio;

1989: B.A. East Asian International Studies, The Ohio State University,
Columbus, Ohio;

1987-88: Exchange Student, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan;

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship among Japanese women, from the 1870s through the Twentieth Century; the interstices of gender, commerce, the production and distribution of goods and services, the resultant cultural meanings and in/coherences, in Japan, and in comparative contexts around the world.

Language Fluencies:

  • Reading and Verbal Fluency in Japanese
  • Reading Fluency in French

Professional Positions:

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Historical Studies, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Assistant Director of Graduate Education, Department of Historical Studies, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of History, University of Notre Dame du Lac

Selected Fellowships and Honours:

1997: Bradley R. Kastan Research Fellowship

1995: Fulbright Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

1995: Japan Foundation Fellowship (Declined)

1995: Elizabeth Gee Memorial Fellowship for Research on Women

1993: Japan Foundation Fellowship (Declined)

1989: Ohio Board of Regents Fellow

New Courses Developed at SIUE:

Historical Studies 112a: Introduction to World History, Antiquity - 1500

Historical Studies 112b: Introduction to World History, 1500 - Present

Historical Studies 305a: Comparative Asian Civilizations, Antiquity - 1500

Historical Studies 305b: Comparative Asian Civilizations, 1500 - Present

Historical Studies 357: History of Modern China

Historical Studies 358: History of Modern Japan

Historical Studies 359: Japanese Business History, 1700 - Present

Historical Studies 366: Women and Nationalism in East Asia

Historical Studies 400: Advanced Historical Research: Modern China

Historical Studies 400: Advanced Historical Research: Pre-Modern Japan

Historical Studies 400: Advanced Historical Research: Modern Japan

Interdisciplinary Studies 324: Peoples and Cultures of the East

Interdisciplinary Studies: 355: Race and Gender in Asia

Theory and Methods Courses:

Historical Studies 301: Undergraduate Historical Theory and Methods

Historical Studies 555a: Graduate Core in Historical Theory, Part I

Historical Studies 555b: Graduate Core in Historical Theory, Part II

Historical Studies 556a: Graduate Core in Historical Method, Part I

Historical Studies 556b: Graduate Core in Historical Method, Part II

Current Manuscript in Progress

Manufacturing Modernity: a Case Study Approach to the History of Entrepreneurship Among Japanese Women in the 20th Century.

Recent Publications:

2009: Alyssa Faison, Managing Women: Disciplining Labor in Modern Japan in Business History Review. (forthcoming)

2004: "Women Beyond the Pale: 'Marital Misfits and Outcasts" Among Japanese Women Entrepreneurs," in Jan Bardsley, ed. Women's Studies: an Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 453 - 479, June 2004.

2004: review: Barbara Sato, The New Japanese Woman: Modernity, Media, and Women in Interwar Japan," in Social Science Japan Journal, Vol. 7 No. 1 April 2004.

2001: review: Jean R. Renshaw, Kimono in the Boardroom: the Invisible Revolution of Japanese Women Managers. Economic History Services, September 19, 2001, URL:

1999: abstract: Yuko Ogasawara. Office Ladies and Salaried Men, in Leila Rupp, et. al., eds. "The Journal of Women's Studies," 12.1 (000) 191- 241.

1994: review: "Reconcilable Differences? United States-Japan Economic Conflict," in Business Library Review, David O. Whitten and Bess E. Whitten, eds. Vol. 19 No. 2 (1994), pp. 87-90.

Recent Presentations:

2009: "Situating the Dark-Skinned Other: Self-Colonization and Japanese Industrial Modernity" in the panel, "Black Men, White Women and the Dark-Skinned Other: Fashioning Race and Business in Modern Japan." Presented at the Business History Conference, Milan, June 2009.

2005: "From the Inside Out: Japanese Women Entrepreneurs and the Marketing of Gender Idiom," presented at the Berkshires Conference on Women's History, June 2005.

2003: "Marriage and the New Woman in Twentieth Century Japan," presented at the Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, New York, March 2003.

2002: "Intimate Business: Female Entrepreneurship and the Creation and Marketing of Japanese Identity," presented at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, October, 2002.

1996: "Extraordinary Ordinary Women: Identity Crisis and Resolution Among Japanese Women Entrepreneurs," presented at the Second Exeter International Gender History Conference, University of Exeter, England, July, 1996

1995: "Amerika no chuseibu no fueminizumu no jotai" (The condition of feminism in the American Midwest) presented at the Amikasu Center for Research on Women, Fukuoka, Japan, October, 1995.

1992: "Nihon no josei jitsugyoka tte dare?" (Just Who Are Japan's Women Entrepreneurs, Anyway?!) presented at the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama, Japan, May, 1992

Professional Organization Memberships

Member, American Historical Association

Member, Association of Asian Studies

Member, Berkshire Conference of Women's Historians

Member, American Association of Higher Education

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