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Department of Geography and Geographic Information Sciences

Regional Studies

Regional Studies helps students learn and understand a region's geography, its characteristics, major environmental and social issues, and its position in an increasingly globalized world by examining its physical environment, human conditions, the environmental-human interactions, and its role in the international political economy of the 21st century.

Advising Faculty Members: Acheson, Hume, Zhou


Courses Suggested:

  • GEOG 330 Geography of Europe
  • GEOG 332 Geography of Africa
  • GEOG 333 Geography of Asia
  • GEOG 334 Geography of Latin America
  • GEOG 335 Geography of North America
  • GEOG 453 Topics in Geography (Regional Studies Focus)
  • ANTH 306 People and Culture of Asia
  • ANTH 307 People and Culture of Latin America and Caribbean
  • ANTH 310 People and Culture of Africa
  • IS 324 People and Cultures of the East
  • IS 326 Modern Latin America
  • IS 400 History, Culture, and Language of China
  • POLS 350 Political Systems of Western Europe
  • POLS 351 Eastern European Political Systems in Transition
  • POLS 355 Political Systems in Latin America
  • POLS 356 Political Systems of Asia
  • HIST 318 History of Russia
  • HIST 352 History of Africa
  • HIST 354b History of the Middle East
  • HIST 356b History of China
  • HIST 358 History of Japan
  • HIST 360 History of Latin America
  • HIST 454 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

These courses are only suggestive. Faculty members may tailor the selection of courses to the need and background of individual students. The department also suggests the inclusion of courses from other departments or from a formal minor as part of the requirements of this AOS.

To declare an AOS, you must fill out the AOS agreement form (which can be found on the forms page), obtain the required signatures and turn it in to the department secretary.

Note: All general education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as well as the 36 hour requirement for a major in Geography must be completed separate of the AOS. Courses in the AOS may not be substituted for these courses.

Other areas of study suggested while pursuing this AOS: Field Schools, Globalization Studies

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