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Department of Geography and Geographic Information Sciences

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) / Cartography

Geographic Information Systems are computer based systems that provide the functions and tools necessary to store, analyze, and display information that can be linked to locations.

Advising Faculty Members: Brown, Hu, Pearson, Li


Courses Suggested:

  • GEOG 418 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • GEOG 420 Interactive and Animated Cartography
  • GEOG 421 Digital Elevation Modeling
  • GEOG 422 Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing
  • GEOG 423 Computer Mapping
  • GEOG 424 Vector-Based GIS
  • GEOG 425 Raster-Based GIS
  • GEOG 431 Web Based Online Mapping
  • GEOG 432 Python Scripting
  • GEOG 454 Topics in Geography (Cartography/GIS Focus)
  • CMIS 142 Visual Basic Programming

These courses are only suggestive. Faculty members may tailor the selection of courses to the need and background of individual students. The department also suggests the inclusion of courses from other departments or from a formal minor as part of the requirements of this AOS.

To declare an AOS, you must fill out the AOS agreement form (which can be found on the forms page), obtain the required signatures and turn it in to the department secretary.

Note: All general education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) as well as the 36 hour requirement for a major in Geography must be completed separate of the AOS. Courses in the AOS may not be substituted for these courses.

Other areas of study suggested while pursuing this AOS: Biogeography, Physical Geography, Urban Studies

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