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Department of Geography and Geographic Information Sciences


  • Gillian Acheson (Ph.D. Texas A & M University, 2003)
    Professor - Geographical education, human geography (cultural landscape, population), social justice
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-5281 / Office: Alumni 1409
  • Alan W. Black (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 2015)
    Assistant Professor - Climatology and climate change, extreme events, atmospheric hazards and impacts, weather and transportation
    Contact: Email: / Phone: (618) 650-2790 / Office: Alumni 1317
  • Stacey Brown (Ph.D. Oklahoma State University, 2011)
    Associate Professor and Graduate Director - Medical geography, urban geography, human geography, Geographic Information Systems, quantitative methods
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-5735 / Office: Alumni 1412
  • Michael Grossman (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2003)
    Professor - Physical geology and geography, hydrology, floods, climate and the environment, climate history, Japan and East Asia
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2376 / Office: Alumni 1407
  • James Hanlon (Ph.D. University of Kentucky, 2008)
    Associate Professor - Urban, cultural, and historical geography, public and affordable housing, urban policy, racial segregation and inequality, social theory
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2943 / Office: Alumni 1411
  • Mark L. Hildebrandt (Ph.D. Arizona State University, 1999)
    Associate Professor - Meteorology, climatology, hazards, statistics, polar and alpine environments
    Contact: Email: 
  • Shunfu Hu (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1998)
    Professor - Geographic Information Systems, multimedia, remote sensing, hydrology, meteorology, cartography, physical geography
    Contact: Email: /Phone: 618-650-2281 / Office: Alumni 1408
  • Susan Hume (Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2005)
    Professor - Ethnicity and race, immigrant and refugee adaptation, migration studies, cultural geography, urban geography, geographic education (North America, Sub-Saharan Africa)
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2091 / Office: Alumni 1403A
  • Adriana E. Martinez (Ph.D. University of Oregon, 2013)
    Associate Professor - Physical geography, fluvial geomorphology, riparian zones, GIS
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-5655 / Office: Alumni 1413
  • Shannon McCarragher (Ph.D. Northern Illinois University, 2015)
    Assistant Professor - Biogeography
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-5004 / Office: Alumni 1403
  • Randall Pearson (Ph.D. Indiana State University, 1993) 
    Professor and Director of GeoMARC - Remote sensing and digital image processing, Geographic Information Systems, physical geology and geography
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2778 / Office: Alumni 1318
  • Wendy Shaw (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1994)
    Professor, Chair, and Editor of Geography Online - Social and cultural geography, development, geographic education, urban geography, history and philosophy of geography
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2765 / Office: Alumni 1401B
  • Bin Zhou (Ph.D. University of Georgia, 1994)
    Professor - Financial and banking geography, monetary policies and exchange rates, trade, finance and world economy, productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and school, China
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-5763 / Office: Alumni 1406 


           Meet Our Graduate Assistants       

Lecturers and Research Associates

  • Felipe Rivera (MS, SIUE, 1997)
    Research Associate and Lecturer, Laboratory for Applied Spatial Analysis
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2122 / Office: LASABldg.
  • Andrew Schreiber (MS, SIUE, 2013) 
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2090
  • Rudy Bartels: Email: /


  • Claire Miles
    Office Support Specialist, Department of Geography
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2090 / Office: Alumni 1401A
  • Nancy Davis (MS, SIUE, 2001)
    Assistant Lab Director, Laboratory for Applied Spatial Analysis
    Contact: Email: / Phone: 618-650-2125 / Office: LASA Bldg.
  • Zach Schleicher (MS, SIUE, 2011)
    GIS Specialist, Laboratory for Applied Spatial Analysis
    Contact: Email: / Office: LASA Bldg. 1335
  • Bruce Schottel (MS, SIUE, 1984) 
    Engineer, Illinois Office of Mines and Minerals
    Contact: Email: bschott@siue / Phone: 618-650-3197 / Office: Alumni 1302

Emeriti and Retired Faculty

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