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Department of Geography and Geographic Information Sciences

Geography Faculty Research Relating to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Our Department of Geography and Geographic Information Sciences faculty not only teach a wide variety of classes that support a greater understanding and appreciation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but they also conduct and publish related research.  Some selected faculty publications are detailed below - contact any faculty member if you would like to learn more!

Acheson, G., A. Holland and S. Oettle. 2020. “The representation of women in the photographs of introductory human geography textbooks.” The Journal of Geography. DOI: 10.1080/00221341.2020.1765408

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Comer, J. C., Graham, A. K., Brown, S. R. (2013). Relating Transportation Quality Indicators to Economic Conditions in the South-Central U.S. In Mehdi Koshrow-Pour (Ed.), Geographic Information Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (pp. 1864-1882). IGI Global.

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Brown, S.R. 2013. The Price is Right? Food Availability and Affordability in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. Papers in Applied Geography, 36: 256-263.

Brown, S. R. 2012. Measuring Physician Accessibility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, 35, 163-172.

Hanlon, J. 2017. The Origins of the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program and the End of Public Housing. Housing Policy Debate 27 (4): 611-639.

Hanlon, J. 2015.  Fair Housing Policy and the Abandonment of Public Housing Desegregation. Housing Studies 30 (1): 78-99.
Hanlon, J. 2012. Beyond HOPE VI: Demolition/Disposition and the Uncertain Future of Public Housing. Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 27 (3): 373-388.

Hanlon, J. 2011. Unsightly Urban Menaces and the Rescaling of Residential Segregation in the United States. Journal of Urban History 37 (5): 732-756.

Hanlon, J. 2010. Success by Design: HOPE VI, New Urbanism, and the Neoliberal Transformation of Public Housing in the United States. Environment and Planning A 42 (1): 80-98.

Hume, Susan E. 2015. Two decades of Bosnian place-making in St. Louis, Missouri. Journal of Cultural Geography 32(1): 1-22. (Invited, Special Issue)

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Hume, Susan E. 2008. Ethnic and National Identities of Africans in the United States. The Geographical Review 98(4): 496-512.

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Hume, Susan E. 2003. Belgian Settlement and Society in the Indiana Rust Belt. Geographical Review. 93(1): 30-50.

Martinez, Adriana E., Hardwick, Susan H., 2010. Building Fences: Undocumented Immigration and Identity in a Small Border Town.  Focus on Geography, 52 (3-4) 48-55.

Shaw, W. 2021  The Changing Location and Characteristics of America's Poorest and Most Affluent Counities.  Springer, Sept.

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Shaw, W. 2000. The Spatial Abandonment and Spatial Clustering of the Elderly in the United States.  Geography Online 1 (2) December 

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Shaw, W. 1998. “The Geography of the Urban Elite and Urban Underclass. A Case Study of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conference, 21: 33-41 Oct.

Shaw, W.  1997.  The Spatial Manifestation of Economic Polarization in the United States and Some Policy Implications” Proceedings of the Applied Geography Conference, 20: 210-219 Nov.


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