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African Studies Minor

The African Studies Minor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program with the central goal of developing students' knowledge and understanding of African people, their land, history, culture, economy, socio-cultural institutions, traditional power structures and the African Diaspora. It provides students the opportunity to fully appreciate the global impacts of African cultures and histories on the art, music, religion, language, and other spheres of the human endeavors. Opportunities exist for students to be involved in field studies in Africa through SIUE Study Abroad Program. It is our belief that an African Studies background prepares students for a more informed global experience and enriched encounter with groups from diverse cultures. The African Studies Minor is currently administered by the Department of Geography. For more information on admission, required courses, advisement and field studies in Africa, please contact the Program Advisor - Dr. Wendy Shaw, Chair, Department of Geography, Alumni Hall, Room 1401B or by phone at (618) 650-2765 or by email at

Prospective students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 may apply for admission into African Studies Minor. Students in African Studies must complete 9 credit hours of required core and 9 credit hours of elective courses for a total of 18 credit hours. 

Core Required Courses (9 credit hours):

GEOG 332: Geography of Africa

HIST 352a: History of Africa: Africa South Sahara, Prehistoric to Colonial times

HIST 352b: History of Africa: Africa South Sahara, Colonial Times to Present

Elective Courses (9 credit hours):

ENG 205: Introduction to African American Text

FL 101: Elementary Foreign Language (Yoruba 1)

FL 102: Elementary Foreign Language (Yoruba 2)

FR 111e: Introduction to Foreign Studies: French Speaking World

GEOG 201: World Regions

GEOG 406: Political Geography

HIST 130: history of Black America

HIST 300: Leprosy to Ebola: Health in African History

HIST400: Aid to Africa: Humanitarianism and Development in Africa

SOC304: Race and Ethnic Relations

IS352: Women in Ancient World

Note: Students may register for other electives related to Africa if approved by the Program Advisor

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