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undergraduate researcher

Miranda Foley, Spanish and Nursing

Necessary Representation in Healthcare: The Inclusion of Latinos in Grey's Anatomy

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carolina Rocha

In my research essay, I analyze the underrepresentation of Latinos in the first two seasons of the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

Building on the work of previous scholars regarding racial representation in the media, I describe the causes and effects of this unrealistic portrayal of Latinos in Grey's Anatomy. Finally, I discuss the importance of creating accurate depictions of the healthcare setting on television and in films.


Jennifer Gaytán, Spanish Language and Nursing with Buisiness Administration 

The Political Advancement of Undocumented Mexican Immigration’s Social Image and Discourse in U.S. Cinema

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carolina Rocha

I examine the positive portrayal of the protagonist in the film A Better Life (Chris Weitz, 2011) and its catalytic role in improving the social image of Mexican immigrants in the United States and U.S. Hollywood Cinema. The film covers the journey of Carlos Galindo (Demián Bichir), an immigrant father, who tries to improve his and his son Luis’s (José Julian) lives by integrating into a safer neighborhood and securing a more financial job.
The need for accurate and positive depictions of undocumented Mexican immigrants in U.S. cinema is crucial to both the manner in which many American movie-goers view these people and also the ongoing immigration reform debate in Washington, D.C. I focus on the cinematic depiction of undocumented Mexican immigrants and how it plays into their overall social image and the discourse regarding U.S. immigration reform in U.S. cinema.
I hypothesize that the manner in which undocumented Mexican immigrants are portrayed as throughout U.S. cinema affects movie-goers’ opinions of unauthorized immigration from Mexico as well as their outlook on those undocumented Mexican immigrants as individuals as well.
undergraduate researcher








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