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Opportunities in 40 Countries!

Did you know that SIUE offers opportunities for study abroad in over 40 countries? For more information about steps for planning for study abroad, contact, programs, financial aid, scholarships, students' experiences, and frequently asked questions, please check


Information on Study Abroad Programs in Spanish

The Department of Foreign Languages has arrangements with various schools in Mexico, Perú, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain (DonQuijote/Salamanca, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona...), where individual students can study for any length of time and receive credit from SIUE.


Ethan Hill Study Abroad

Ethan Hill in Angers, France. 

Taking advantage of the study abroad program is worthwhile for any student, but particularly for one triple majoring in Spanish Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, and International Business. That’s why SIUE senior Ethan Hill has elected to study abroad not once, but twice during his college career. 

“While my study abroad experiences have had an immeasurable impact on my language skills, they have also given me a firsthand insight into the cultures of the countries I have lived in,” said Hill. 


SIUE student Carissa Daly has elected to study abroad in Germany during her Bachelor's degree.

"I went to Germany having only taken up to level 201 beforehand. My German ability greatly improved while I was there. I also got to experience countries and cultures I would have never been able to if I didn't study abroad. I now have a greater appreciation for where others come from," said Carissa. 

Carissa Daly Study Abroad Germany

Carissa Daly during her study abroad in Germany. 


For details about prices, credit, financial aid, etc., visit the SIUE Study Abroad website.

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