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Foreign Languages and Literature

Foreign Languages & Literature


Welcome to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature!

We are delighted that you are considering a career involving foreign languages, either as a stand-alone discipline or as a value-added complement to another major. The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at SIUE offers graduate and undergraduate courses dealing with the language, literature, culture, and history of many countries. We currently offer courses in seven different world languages.

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MAJOR or MINOR in: French, German and Spanish

Focus in: Chinese, French, German and Spanish

We also have Interdisciplinary Minors in:


Succeed With Us
As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, your language skills open the door to exciting job opportunities. Bilinguals earn more than their monolingual counterparts, according to national job statistics. In the SIUE Department Foreign Languages and Literature , your education is not confined to a classroom - It spans every corner of the globe. Once you earn your degree you’ll be prepared for an exciting career that could take you anywhere. In other words, we put the world at your fingertips.


Already know a foreign language?

Proficiency exams are available in French, German, and Spanish, click here for details.

Students who have taken one year or more of a foreign language in high school are strongly encouraged to take the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam.
Further information about the placement/proficiency exam policy is available a and students who are seeking placement or proficiency credit should carefully read the policy before they proceed with placement/proficiency testing. 
Students who have taken one year or more of a foreign language should take the online Placement/Proficiency test in the Foreign Languages Training Center/Lab (located in Peck Hall Room 2310). There is no charge to take this exam. Ideally, students should take the proficiency exam prior to enrolling in a foreign language course. However,  students who are already enrolled, have up to two weeks at the beginning of the semester to take this exam. Based on their scores on the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, students are placed in an appropriate language course. The proficiency grade will either be an A or a B with 4 credit hours earned for each course for which proficiency has been demonstrated, up to 16 hours of proficiency credit.  If students obtain a grade of B by proficiency, they have the option of taking the class (rather than accepting the proficiency credit) with the objective of possibly obtaining a higher grade. 
The Foreign Languages Teaching Center/Lab, Peck Hall room 2310, is open from 9am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-4pm on Friday beginning on the first day of the semester and students can take the placement/proficiency exam during open hours without an appointment.  Students who would like to take the placement/proficiency test prior to the start of the semester should contact the Department of Foreign Languages (618-650-3510, or to check summer /break hours and set up an appointment.
Students are welcome to contact the instructor of the course they ​feel most closely matches their proficiency level prior to the start of the term, during the first week of the term, and no later than the second week of the term to discuss taking the online placement/proficiency exam in the Foreign Languages Teaching Center/Lab, Peck 2310, but it is not necessary to have a referral from a faculty member in order to take the placement/proficiency exam.  


Conversation Hours
An excellent opportunity to improve and practice your speaking skills in Spanish, French, and German. Click here for details.
Study Abroad Opportunities
Expand your horizons and education. Click here for details.


Current News

Are you interested in all things German and want to get involved on campus? Check out information on SIUE's German Club here!

German Club Photo 1 German Club Photo 2


Fall 2021

French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony on Friday December 3, 2021

French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony

Left to right Dr. Joan Mann, Johanna Hartig, Erin Gheen,

Paz Malaschak, Hope Krisko. Not pictured: Hayleigh Lutz


French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony 

French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony 

 French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi induction ceremony


Photos from the FLTC Open House October 7, 2021.
open house fall 2021(5)
open house fall 2021 (1) open house fall 2021(4) 
open house fall 2021 (2) open house fall 2021(3)
open house fall 2021(6)


Spring 2020

Fullbright Scholar Eyitayo Akomolafe from Nigeria did a presentation in the Department of Foreign Language and Literature about the culture of food among the Yoruba. 

Eyitayo Akomolafe Presentation   Eyitayo Akomolafe Presentation2


Summer 2019

Prof. Debbie Mann and students, studying abroad in Quebec, Canada



Spring 2019

Ceremony of the French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi. 

                     French Honor Society Spring 2019 (1)

      French Honor Society Spring 2019 (2) French Honor Society Spring 2019 (3)


Each spring, the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes student achievement at its annual Honors Day Convocation. The FLL department is proud of its students and applauds their successes, below are photos of our students and sponsors. Congratulations to all the hard-working students that were recognized!

honors student Nathan Head and sponsor Joan Condellone Sponsor Paul Obernuefemann with honor students (L to R) Amber Pocuca, Ryan Roberts, George Diak, and Jessica Leopold

Pictured above:
1. Nathan Head and Joann Condellone
2. Paul Obernuefemann with (L to R) Amber Pocuca, Ryan Roberts, George Diak, and Jessica Leopold.


Congratulations to all the URCA students who have worked with  Dr. Carolina Rocha and presented their research at various conferences and symposiums this Spring semester. These students include Rachel Liefel, Miranda Foley, Ethan Hill, Jennifer Gaytan, and Allison Norris (pictured below). 

URCA Student Allison Norris at presentation


Best wishes to our Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Wajdi Balloumi, after gaining national recognition for being a model scholar for SIUE. Check out the article here

Wajdi Balloumi National Recognition


Fall 2018

Professor Belinda Carstens-Wickham recently participated in the 2018 Notre Dame Berlin Seminar in Germany’s capital city, Berlin. This event brings American scholars of German literary and cultural studies together with experts and leading figures of Germany’s literary scene. Find more information on this seminar here

Belinda Carstens Wickham


Spring 2018

Check out the exciting undergraduate research projects from the semester here.

Congratulations to the students who went through the French Honor Society ceremony!

French Honor Society Spring 2018 (3) French Honor Society Spring 2018 (2)

French Honor Society Spring 2018 French Honor Society Spring 2018 (1)



April 2018

Famous visual artist, Alberto Lescay, visits Dr. Bezhanova's Spanish Class to discuss his art and Cuban culture. 

Bezhanovas Class Picture ALberto Lascay Bezhanovas Class Picture


February 2018 

Professor Carolina Rocha publishes her newest book, "Argentine Cinema and National Identity". Order your very own copy here


January 2018

SIUE's Stephanie Olivares earns competitive scholarship from the Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation. Check out the article on our Spanish minor here



October 2017

Professor Carolina Rocha's Spanish course makes the news for their Service Learning in Fairmont City. Read the Alton Telegraph article here.


Summer 2017

Dr. Mann shares photos with students from the 2017 Québec trip. 

 DrMannChateaudeFrontenac  QuebecDrMann&Students

 Lunch Quebec City LavalDrMann


Student Opportunities

Are you interested in using your foreign language skills for student programs and career opportunities in the U.S. Department of State?

  • Check out information on U.S. Department of State: Careers Representing America here.

Check out this list of scholarship opportunities involving foreign languages here.


Check out this list of current job openings involving foreign languages here.





Alumni: Keep in Touch
Calling all SIUE Foreign Languages and Literature Alumni, tell us what you are doing! 

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