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Foreign Languages and Literature

Foreign Languages & Literature


Welcome from the FLTC Director


Debbie Mann  Dr. Debbie Mann

 Director of the FLTC

 “Language is more than a system to be explained… Language is culture in motion. It is people interacting with people.” Sandra Savignon, Communicative Competence: Theory and Classroom Practice. Addison-Wesley, 1983. 


FLTC Mission

The Foreign Languages Training Center (FLTC) offers a physical space that is conducive to language practice through collaboration and interaction. In accordance with the communicative emphasis in Department of Foreign Languages courses, the FLTC seeks to foster a language learning community, supporting activities that provide students with meaningful structured and unstructured interaction and context-based reinforcement and practice.
In the coordinated suite of learning spaces described below, the guiding principle is the improvement of learning through an emphasis on communicative interaction and community-building among language learners.


FLTC Facilities, Peck Hall, 2nd Floor

Map of FLTC services

Photo of Room 2311

Peck 2311, the Collaborative space, offers a multipurpose room conducive to group work and tutoring. Tables with seating for five are connected to large-screen monitors and offer Crestron technology which allows for screen mirroring from individual tablets, smartphones and laptops. Modular furniture makes it possible to customize the space in order to maximize opportunities for interaction.

Peck 2313 Conversation Corner

Peck 2313, the Conversation corner, is a small-group social space containing a white board, round tables, comfortable armchairs and sofas. In this living room-like environment, we encourage active and contextualized creation of language by individuals carrying out homework assignments, students working in small groups and during conversation hours.

Photo of Room 2315

Peck 2315, the Computer lab, houses 25 computers with Internet connection, providing students access to our interactive software library, CDs aligned with textbooks used in language courses, DVD films and other authentic cultural materials available online. All computer stations include good quality headsets with microphones. 

Photo of Room 2315B

Peck 2315B, the Community room, contains a wide-screen TV and is equipped to show films, to facilitate the use of online resources in support of foreign language teaching and learning, and to serve as a multi-media space for student presentations. If a professor or instructor needs to reserve the Community Room, they may do so by either visiting the FLTC located in Peck Hall 2310, or by calling at 618-650-2439. If a student organization or club needs to reserve the Community Room, we ask that they do so by asking their instructor or professor to contact us instead.

FLTC Testing Center (SOPI)

The FLTC Testing Center adjacent to Peck 2313 allows students to carry out oral assessments such as the SOPI (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview) and OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview), required as preparation for teacher licensure, in a private, convenient and quiet space. 

Fostering a culture of internationalism in the communal learning spaces described above, the FLTC provides an intellectual and social home for the exploration and appreciation of world cultures and thus aligns with departmental and institutional goals of openness to and respect for different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

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