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Faculty from all over the world bring diversity in thought, experiences and culture to the tapestry of our campus to enrich your learning experiences. College of Arts and Sciences faculty members have been nationally and internationally recognized for their scholarship and, as teacher-scholars, are dedicated to their students. They are not only committed to communicating knowledge, but to helping develop critical thinking abilities and providing the skills necessary to become productive members of this ever-changing, global society.

Photo First Name Last Name Department Academic Interest
Chad Huddleston Chad Huddleston Anthropology Human interactions with the environment, societal change and collapse, sacred land, indigenous peoples in colonial contexts
Lorenzini, Michele Michele Lorenzini Anthropology Cultural resources management, Western Great Lakes archaeology, French Fur Trade, historic glass beads
Nancy Lutz Nancy Lutz Anthropology Linguistic and political anthropology, transitional justice, expressive culture (music, language, literature), colonialism, Southeast Asia (Burma, Indonesia, East Timor)
Corey Ragsdale Anthropology Migration and population structure in pre-contact Mesoamerica, biological consequences of Spanish colonization in Mexico and the American southwest
Jen Rehg Jennifer Rehg Anthropology Bioanthropology, primate behavior and ecology, neotropical environments, conservation
Balasundaram Sasikumar Balasundaram Anthropology The paradox of marginality, everyday violence and resistance, and the construction of a better future among refugee youth
Cory Willmott Cory Willmott Anthropology Socio-cultural anthropology, Great Lakes Algonquians, West China, museology, identity politics, clothing and textiles, ethnohistory
Julie Zimmermann Anthropology Zooarchaeology, prehistory of Western Illinois, human-environment interactions, role of animals in prehistoric human societies
a_alexander Alicia Alexander Applied Communication Studies Interpersonal communication among family members and romantic partners; how people overcome adversity in their relationships; how people talk about and express their emotions in close relationships; communication education and interpersonal communication in the classroom
s_batson Stephanie Batson Applied Communication Studies Interpersonal communication.
DeGroot Jocelyn Brown Applied Communication Studies Investigations of online voyeurism (emotional rubbernecking); transcorporeal communication; grief-related blogs, parasocial relationships; and relational continuity with the deceased.
Bumpers Komie Bumpers Applied Communication Studies Interpersonal communication, public speaking, oral interpretation of literature, organizational communication
Cheah Wai Cheah Applied Communication Studies Testing the influence of personality factors and cultural orientation of the effects of fear appeal messages; examining factors that influence Bosnian refugees’ cross-cultural adaptation in the St. Louis area
Fussel Renee Fussel Applied Communication Studies Student retention; Applied communication studies, public speaking; interracial communication
Hayes Diane Hayes Applied Communication Studies Spiritual issues and evangelistic communication
Howard Stacey Howard Applied Communication Studies Public relations
Lui Min Liu Applied Communication Studies Health communication; crisis communication, communication education
Nastasia Sorin Nastasia Applied Communication Studies Public relations
Schaefer Zachary Schaefer Applied Communication Studies Relationship between organizational action and structure; investigation of how organizations and communities use mediation; exploring innovative ethnographic research methods
Sonderegger Lacey Sonderegger Applied Communication Studies Public relations
Thornton Tara Thornton Applied Communication Studies Corporate/organizational communication, employee relations, interpersonal communication
VanSlette Sarah Van Slette Applied Communication Studies Public relations; social media in public relations campaigns; corporate reputation management
Wrobbel Eric “Duff” Wrobbel Applied Communication Studies Pedagogy, Down syndrome, conversation-analytic methodology
Zamanou Sonia Zamanou-Erickson Applied Communication Studies Issues of managing cultural diversity and dealing with change
Jane Barrow Art & Design All genres of oil painting, encaustic, mixed media works and contemporary abstraction
Jason Bly Art & Design Creates oil paintings that explore the connections between technology, simulation, and everyday experiences
Steven Brown Art & Design Employs traditional and digital still and time-based media
Ivy Cooper Art & Design Contemporary art and architecture, art theory, art criticism
John DenHouter Art & Design Painting, drawing, design
Brigham Dimick Art & Design Painting, drawing, collaborations with honeybees, photo/painting – hybrids, dynamic animation of architecture, conflation of the domestic and the global
Paul Dresang Art & Design
Thad Duhigg Art & Design Sculpture
Shelly Goebl-Parker Art & Design Arts-based community development , arts integration, documentation: Reggio Emilia practice-based research
Dan Holder Art & Design
Patricia Klorer Art & Design Art therapy for children with severe trauma and attachment issues
Barbara Nwacha Art & Design Typography, graphic design history, the intersection of culture and message making, foil imaging
Sangsook Park Art & Design Art education, metalsmithing
Katherine Poole Art & Design The art and architecture of Renaissance and baroque Europe, specifically Italy; Women’s studies and issues of gender in art; Islamic art and architecture
Megan Robb Art & Design Medical art therapy, cross cultural practice, and substance abuse art therapy
Laura Strand Art & Design Textiles
Rodrick Whetstone Art & Design Graphic design, photography, illustration, web design
Elaine Abusharbain Biological Sciences Environmental education, teacher development
Kelly Barry Biological Sciences Plant conservation via tissue culture; science education
Paul Brunkow Biological Sciences Functional morphology; aquatic ecology
Thomas Buettner Biological Sciences Human anatomy and physiology
DiSalvo Susanne DiSalvo Biological Sciences Host/Microbe interactions, Symbiosis, Mutualism, Pathobiology
Katie Durbin Biological Sciences Introductory biology; genetics
David Duvernell Biological Sciences Population genetics; phylogeography; evolution
Elizabeth Esselman Biological Sciences Plant anatomy; plant systematics; plant conservation
Rick Essner Biological Sciences Vertebrate ecological and functional morphology
Thomas Fowler Biological Sciences Fungal molecular genetics and signal transduction
Amy Hubert Biological Sciences Molecular biology of stem cells; regeneration in planarian flatworms
David Jennings Biological Sciences Developmental biology; animal anatomy and physiology
Kassebaum Bethany Kassenbaum
Biological Sciences Instructor
Dennis Kitz Biological Sciences Host-pathogen interactions
Luci Kohn Biological Sciences Vertebrate morphology; forensic biology
Kevin Krajniak Biological Sciences Pharmacology; invertebrate physiology
Danielle Lee Biological Sciences Animal communities across urban gradients, Variation between individuals in communities, Science communication and outreach to underserved communities, Culturally relevant & experiential pedagogies
Faith Liebl Biological Sciences Neurobiology; learning and memory; molecular biology
Zhi-Qing Lin Biological Sciences Environmental biogeochemistry; pollution ecology
Darron Luesse Biological Sciences Plant gravitropism; signal transduction; plant physiology
Vance McCracken Biological Sciences Gastrointestinal microbiology and immunology
Peter Minchin Biological Sciences Plant ecology; conservation biology; ecological statistics
Bill Retzlaff William Retzlaff Biological Sciences Green-roof and living-wall technologies
Kurt Schulz Biological Sciences Forest ecology; invasive species; restoration ecology
Abby Sidwell Biological Sciences Human anatomy and physiology
Christine Simmons Biological Sciences Introductory biology
Christopher Theodorakis Biological Sciences Aquatic, genetic, and evolutionary ecotoxicology
Jason Williams Biological Sciences Physiology of animal freeze tolerance and aging
Kyong Yoon Biological Sciences Environmental toxicology and vector biology
Cristina DeMeo Chemistry Biochemistry
Robert Dixon Chemistry Biochemistry
Hankins Michael Hankins Chemistry Physical Chemistry
Tom Holovics Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Myron Jones Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Yun Lu Chemistry Organic chemistry
Sarah Luesse Chemistry Organic chemistry
Lynne Miller Chemistry Organic chemistry
Ed Navarre Chemistry Analytical chemistry
norcio Lawrence Norcio Chemistry Biochemistry
Leah O’Brien Chemistry Physical chemistry
Reith Monica Reith Chemistry Characterizing membrane protein structure and function
Nahid Shabestary Chemistry Physical chemistry
Michael Shaw Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
sumita Mina Sumita Chemistry Biochemistry, RNA structure and function, RNA modification
Kevin Tucker Chemistry Analytical methods for monitoring pharmaceutical and personal care products, contaminants of emerging concern in the natural environment from source through organism uptake
Eric Voss Chemistry Inorganic chemistry
Chin-Chuan Wei Chemistry Biochemistry
Susan Wiediger Chemistry Chemistry education
Seran Aktuna English Language & Literature Educational linguistics, in particular Teaching English as a Second and as an International Language, Global Spread of English, and Language Teacher Education
Nancy Avdoian English Language & Literature Composition and creative writing
Jill Anderson English Language & Literature Secondary education, early American literature
Charles Berger English Language & Literature Modernism, contemporary literature, literary theory, Shakespeare
Tisha Brooks English Language & Literature African-American literature,women’s studies, autobiography, and religion
Elizabeth Cali English Language & Literature 19th-century African-American literature, Black Diaspora literature, Black print culture studies
placeholder Adam Cleary English Language & Literature Composition and creative writing
Jessica DeSpain English Language & Literature Transatlantic studies, book history, 19th-century literature
Keith Edwards English Language & Literature Composition, rhetoric
Allison Funk English Language & Literature Creative writing (poetry), contemporary American poetry, modern British and American literature
Helena Gurfinkel English Language & Literature Victorian literature and culture, literary theory, gender studies
Joel Hardman English Language & Literature Language and literacy acquisition, language teaching pedagogy, social linguistics, teacher development, and the schooling of language-minority children
Brian Henderson English Language & Literature Composition pedagogy, history of rhetoric, writing studies
Kristine Hildebrandt English Language & Literature Linguistics, in particular phonetics and phonology, typology, language contact, language documentation
Daniel Ising English Language & Literature Composition and creative writing
Heather Johnson English Language & Literature Early modern British literature, 17th-century religious and political movements, English education, literary theory
Matthew Johnson English Language & Literature Rhetoric and composition – theory, pedagogy, and history; digital/electronic literacy and technology; new media; basic writing; ludology; culture studies
Joshua Kryah English Language & Literature Creative writing (poetry), poetics, modern American and British poetry, cross-genre literature, interdisciplinary sStudies


LaFond English Language & Literature Second language acquisition, linguistic theory, discourse analysis, gender and language, and TESL
placeholder John Pendergast English Language & Literature Renaissance studies, history of rhetoric
Anushiya Ramaswamy English Language & Literature Rhetoric, composition, history of rhetoric, postcolonial studies, African-American studies, translation studies
Howard Rambsy II English Language & Literature African-American literature, public humanities, poetry, digital humanities
Nancy Ruff English Language & Literature Ancient Greek and Latin language and literature, world literature, medieval literature, women’s studies
savoie John Savoie English Language & Literature Renaissance and 17th-century literature, especially Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert and Milton; 19th-century American literature, especially Hawthorne; poetry; metaphysical poetry; poetry writing; Biblical and classical literature
Geoff Schmidt English Language & Literature Creative writing (fiction), contemporary fiction, 20th-century American literature, popular literature (graphic novels)
Nicola Schmidt English Language & Literature Creative writing, contemporary fiction, composition
Catherine Seltzer English Language & Literature American literature, 19th- and 20th-century Southern literature, American women writers
Jeffrey Skoblow English Language & Literature 19th- and 20th-century British, American and world literature; drama, composition pedagogy, creative writing
place Holder Mary Steible English Language & Literature Feminist studies, renaissance, Shakespeare
Valerie Vogrin English Language & Literature Creative writing, literary editing, contemporary fiction
D. Steven Wilper English Language & Literature Western novel, pop-culture as art and literature, American nature writing
Ben Greenfield Environmental Sciences Human exposure to environmental contaminants, risk assessments for antimicrobial resistance, environmental justice, health geography
Nicholas Guehlstorf Environmental Sciences Integration of democratic values into environmental policy and considers the theoretical problems with citizen involvement; economic development, scientific information in decision making
Lin, Zhi-Qing Zhi-Qing Lin Environmental Sciences Developing phytoremediation technology for the cleanup of trace element contaminated water and soil; understanding the control of major environmental factors over the biogeochemical cycles of contaminants in the air-water-soil system; characterizing ecosystem responses to phytoremediation processes and other anthropogenic perturbations
Adriana Martinez Environmental Sciences Influence of human activities along river systems
Bill Retzlaff William Retzlaff Environmental Sciences Green-roof and living-wall technologies
theodorakis Chris Theodorakis Environmental Sciences Evolutionary toxicology, molecular and genetic toxicology, aquatic ecotoxicology, population genetics, biomarker research, oxidative stress, endocrine disruption
Kyong Yoon Environmental Sciences Environmental toxicology and vector biology
Olga Bezhanova Foreign Languages and Literature Contemporary Spanish literature; national identity in literature; female Bildungsroman
Heidy Carruthers Foreign Languages and Literature Language assessment, evaluation, and curriculum development, computer-mediated instruction, constructivist language learning approaches, sociocultural theory, and other social discursive approaches to foreign language acquisition
Belinda Carstens-Wickham Foreign Languages and Literature


Joaquin Florido Berrocal Foreign Languages and Literature Contemporary film and literature, and politics of The Transition in Spain
Tom Lavallee Foreign Languages and Literature


J. Debbie Mann Foreign Languages and Literature Francophone literature (Qu’bec, West Africa, North Africa, the Caribbean), French prose fiction, the contemporary French novel
Geert Pallemans Foreign Languages and Literature


Carolina Rocha Foreign Languages and Literature


Douglas Simms Foreign Languages and Literature Germanic historical linguistics and philology
Mariana Solares Foreign Languages and Literature Contemporary Latin American literature, Latin American literature written by women (especially from Mexico and Cuba)
Gillian Acheson Geography Geographical education, human geography (cultural landscape, population), social justice
Stacey Brown Geography Medical geography, urban geography, human geography, geographical information system, quantitative methods
Michael Grossman Geography Physical geology and geography, hydrology, floods, climate and the environment, climate history, Japan and East Asia
James Hanlon Geography Urban, cultural, and historical geography, public and affordable housing, urban policy, racial segregation and inequality, social theory
Shunfu Hu Geography Geographic information systems, multimedia, remote sensing, hydrology, meteorology, cartography, physical geography
Susan Hume Geography Ethnicity and race, immigrant and refugee adaptation, migration studies, cultural geography, urban geography, geographic education
odemerho Francis Odemerho Geography Geomorphology, physical geography and geology, regional geography of Africa, cultural impacts on geomorphic processes and forms, GIS applications in geomorphology
Randall Pearson Geography Remote sensing and digital image processing, Geographic information systems, physical geology and geography
Wendy Shaw Geography Social and cultural geography, development, geographic education, urban geography, history and philosophy of geography
shouse Michael Shouse Geography Biogeography, biogeomorphology, GIS
Bin Zhou Geography Financial and banking geography, monetary policies and exchange rates, trade, finance and world economy, productivity and efficiency in manufacturing and school, China
Erik Alexander Historical Studies United States history, Civil War
Anthony Cheeseboro Historical Studies African and Middle Eastern history, music and nightlife in East St. Louis and St. Louis
Laura Fowler Historical Studies United States history, museum studies, history of Chicago, public history, history of Illinois, and urban history
Carole Frick Historical Studies Early modern Europe, economic history, material culture and gender
Jessica Harris Historical Studies 20th-century African-American history (Black freedom struggle/Black female activism
Victoria Harrison Historical Studies United States history, Vietnam
Christienne Hinz Historical Studies Modern Japanese history
Bryan Jack Historical Studies African-American history, race and communities, The South and popular culture
Thomas Jordan Historical Studies History of Latin America during the 20th century, particularly urban labor movements and how they have shaped the political arena
Jeffrey Manuel Historical Studies 20th-century U.S. history, public history, oral history
Rowena McClinton Historical Studies Early 19th-century Cherokees
Jennifer Miller Historical Studies Modern European History, and more specifically, post-war Germany, Muslim minorities in Europe, and Turkish “guest worker” recruitment and migration to West Germany in the the 1960s.
Robert Paulett Historical Studies Colonial American history, Borderlands history, history of cartography, history of science
Katrin Sjursen Historical Studies Middle Ages: warfare, gender, and the nobility
Jason Stacy Historical Studies American culture during the first half of the 19th century; social science pedagogy.
Stephen Tamari Historical Studies Ottoman Syria, ethnic and national identity in pre-modern times, Islamic education
Allison Thomason Historical Studies Ancient history, especially the history of Mesopotamia, as well as archaeology, and art history of the ancient Near East
Tom Atwood Mass Communications Videography
Undrah Baasanjav Undrah Baasanjav Mass Communications Design and writing for the Web, mass communications theory
Cory Byers Mass Communications TV/film/commercial production
Gary Hicks Mass Communications Cultural studies, media law and ethics
Elza Ibroscheva Mass Communications International communication, gender and politics
kapatamoyo Musonda Kapatamoyo Mass Communications Technology and culture
Tammy Merrett-Murry Mass Communications Print journalism
Suman Mishra Mass Communications International advertising and health communication
Mark Poepsel Mass Communications Media technology/media management
Jason Yu Mass Communications Advertising and quantitative methods
Marcus Agustin Mathematics & Statistics Statistics, reliability and survival analysis
Zenia Agustin Mathematics & Statistics Statistics
budzban Greg Budzban Mathematics & Statistics Probability on algebraic structures, in particular, matrix semigroups. Math education, especially the development of experiential mathematics curricula
Song Foh Chew Mathematics & Statistics Operations research, particularly, the study of deadlock avoidance and robust supervisory control of resource allocation systems
Choi Daeshik


Mathematics & Statistics Numerical linear algebra and Matrix theory
Letitia Downen Mathematics & Statistics
Barbara Kniepkamp Mathematics & Statistics
Koung Hee Leem Mathematics & Statistics Numerical analysis and scientific computing
Liu Jun Liu Mathematics & Statistics Applied and computational mathematics. Numerical partial differential equations, numerical optimization and optimal control, and numerical linear algebra
Jirah Loreaux Mathematics & Statistics Diagonals of operators, majorization in von Neumann algebras, Schur-Horn Theorem and zero-diagonal idempotents, equiangular tight frames
Yukiko May Mathematics & Statistics
Andrew Neath Mathematics & Statistics Statistics
Junvie Pailden Mathematics & Statistics Development and application of nonparametric statistical methods
James Parish Mathematics & Statistics Algebra, geometry, and the interface between them
George Pelekanos Mathematics & Statistics Inverse scattering
Qiang Beidi Qiang Mathematics & Statistic

Simultaneous estimation and shrinkage estimators

Edward Sewell Mathematics & Statistics Operations research
Myung-Sin Song Mathematics & Statistics Functional and harmonic analysis of wavelets
G. Stacey Staples Mathematics & Statistics Operator calculus on graphs, algebraic probability, algebraic combinatorics, symbolic computation, combinatorial properties and applications of Clifford algebras
Tammy Voepel Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics education
Lenora Anop Music Interpretation, phrasing and sound colors, pedagogy and technique at all levels, chamber music, baroque performance practice, postural alignment, and injury prevention.
Kimberly Archer Music Composer most interested in tonal music for winds and percussion
John Bell Music Teaching pedagogy and conducting music ensembles
Huei Li Chin Music Developmental psychology, learning styles and modalities, college group piano, music theory and practice, and transfer programs.
Darryl Coan Music Music learning and teaching; community music
Andrew Greenwood Music


James Hinson Music Pedagogy of teaching, trios for clarinet, viola, piano, bass clarinet literature, music as related to stress reduction
Kim Angela Kim Music Mixed media presentation (combining different art forms), music written for piano and percussion, and music of Bach
Joel Knapp Music Music of Latin America, Cuban music
John Korak III Music Trumpet pedagogy and baroque trumpet performance
mishra Michael Mishra Music The music of Shostakovich; conducting
pineda Kris Pineda Music Pedagogy of sight reading at the piano and the tonal language of Paul Hindemith
Marc Schapman Music Opera and musical theater
Garrett Schmidt Music

Jazz Trumpet, Director of Concert Jazz Band

Marta Simidtchieva Music Works for cello by Bulgarian composers
Deborah Smith Music

Music Education

Daniel Smithiger Music Percussion education and performance
Jason Swagler Music Jazz, improvised music, Great American Songbook
Emily Truckenbrod Music Vocal pedagogy, diction for singers, song history, women’s studies
van diver Miles Vandiver Music Jazz, percussion
Prince Wells III Music Music theory and music business; the Quadrivium: the relation between arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy (cosmology)
Matthew Cashen Philosophy Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, particularly Aristotelian and Socratic ethics; focuses on the relationship between ancient and contemporary conceptions of well-being and happinesss
cataldi Suzanne Cataldi Philosophy Contemporary European philosophy, ethics, feminist philosophy and philosophy of law
Judy Crane Judith Crane Philosophy Early modern philosophy, metaphysics, and philosophy of biology, with particular interest in natural kinds
Raymond Darr Philosophy American philosophy, critical thinking
Saba Fatima Philosophy Islamic philosophy, philosophy of race, feminist philosophy
Gregory Fields Philosophy Comparative philosophy and religious studies, American Indian thought and culture; South Asian philosophy and religion.
fry Richard Fry Philosophy History of modern philosophy (especially Hume), philosophy of mind
Erik Krag Philosophy Medical ethics, applied ethics, death & dying
William Larkin Philosophy Epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, professional erthics
Gregory Littmann Philosophy Public philosophy, the philosophy of logic (especially paradoxes), metaphysics (especially mind, time and change), and epistemology (especially skepticism), philosophy of logic
Bryan Lueck Philosophy Contemporary Continental philosophy, especially as they pertain to ethics; interested in rearticulating some of the central concepts of Kantian ethics
Erik Meade Philosophy Wide range of topics in analytic philosophy especially in epistemology and the philosophy of religion
Chris Pearson Philosophy Philosophy of biology, philosophy of science, and environmental philosophy
Alison Reiheld Philosophy Ethics of memory; ethical implications of medicalization and shifting definitions of disease; global ethics; ethics of pandemic/epidemic response; developing world bioethics; philosophical analysis of parenting and domestic labor; clinical ethical issues for transgender patients; ethical issues raised by medical technology transfers between professions and across cultural/national borders
Edward Schallert Philosophy Medieval philosophy, logic, ethics
Matthew Schunke Philosophy Relationship between philosophy and religion, phenomenology
ware Robert Ware Philosophy Social-political philosophy, Hegel
Edward Ackad Physics Computational/theoretical physics: ultra-intense light-matter interactions. Currently investigating the classical and quantum response of clusters in ultra-intense laser pulses using HPC (including GPUs). Other interests include computational models of other systems using HPC.
Thomas Foster Physics Physics and astronomy education
Hernando Garcia Physics Experimental physics: nonlinear optics, nonlinearities in optical fibers, supercontinuum generation and optical shock formation in optical shock formation in optical fibers, dynamics of the coherent properties of optical pulses in fibers, ultrafast spectroscopy.
Jack Glassman Physics Experimental physics: optics (classical and quantum), laser physics, spectroscopy. Currently investigating the application of nonlinear optical amplifiers to problems in Fourier optics.
Abdullatif Hamad Physics Experimental physics: optical properties of materials. Materials for data storage and communication including novel glasses for laser-induced refractive index gratings; nonlinear optical properties of materials using laser techniques.
David Kaplan Physics Experimental physics: scintillating fibers and cosmic ray detection, in collaboration with a cosmic ray astrophysics group at Washington University (St. Louis). Currently setting up a lab with students at SIUE to determine photon yields and attenuation properties of scintillating fibers of the sort planned for use in orbiting cosmic ray experiments.
Mark Patty Physics Properties of liquid metals
Karen Varandan Physics Experimental physics: electro-optical properties and phase transitions of liquid crystal composite materials.
Jeffrey Sabby Physics Astronomy: current research on the theory of stellar evolution, especially on methods of testing the validity of its details. Working as part of in international collaboration to determine accurate fundamental astrophysical data on stars in eclipsing binary and multiple star systems; orbital parameters, masses, radii, luminosities, and internal structure of the stars. Another interest involves the development of automated telescopic observing systems, not only to further my own eclipsing binary and multiple star system research, but also to expand undergraduate student astronomical research.
Mohammad Yousef Physics Biophysics: biophysical and 3D structure determination of proteins involved in stem cell differentiation, enzymology, transcription regulation, carcinogenesis, and rational based drug design. The main techniques used in my research include x-ray crystallography, molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular docking, and computational modeling.
Denise Degarmo Political Science International relations, security, international environmental security, U.S. foreign policy, international organizations, and Palestinian politics
Nicholas Guehlstorf Political Science Environmental policy, modern political philosophy, and Democratic theory
Tim Kalinowski Political Science American government, the judiciary, Constitutional Law: Government Powers; and Constitutional Law: Civil rights and Civil Liberties
Lewis Timothy Lewis Political Science Minority politics, and politics of sub-Saharan Africa
Kenneth Moffett Political Science American politics, Congress, and political methodology
Laurie Rice Political Science American politics, media and politics, political behavior, public opinion, and civic engagement
Andrew Theising Political Science Urban politics, state politics, American politics, and public administration
Suranjan Weeraratne Political Science Comparative politics, ethnic conflict, politics of East Asia, politics development, and politics of the Middle East
Sophia Wilson Political Science Comparative law, international human rights, Russian politics
cruz Cruz Minerva Public Administration and Policy Analysis
Drew Dolan Public Administration and Policy Analysis Leadership; human resources
John Foster Public Administration and Policy Analysis Budgeting; fiscal policy
Nancy Huyck Public Administration and Policy Analysis Human resources; environmental policy
Morris Taylor Jr. Public Administration and Policy Analysis Public policy; public safety
Rob Apsholm Social Work Street gangs, community violence, violence prevention
Kimberly Carter Social Work Family caregiving and resilience in chronic illness care; mental health; health care disparities; evidence-based practice
Bryan Duckham Social Work Religion/spirituality and clinical social work; qualitative research; psychodynamic theory
Evans Rosalind Duckham Social Work

LGBTQ+ topics with a particular focus on coming out experiences, identity formation, intersectionality, international students, and campus climate. An additional focus on youth at risk, youth mentoring, and resilience

Gerald O’Brien Social Work Eugenics and persons with disabilities; history of social justice/injustice; metaphor analysis; disabiity policy
Mary Plocher Social Work Student practice skills development, mental health
Jill Schreiber Social Work Student practice skills development, generalist practice with individuals and families
Jayme Swanke Social Work Substance abuse and recovery; child welfare risk assessment; virtual social support
Carol Wesley Social Work Spirituality issues in social work practice
Kevin Cannon Criminal Justice Studies Criminal justice attitudes about gays and lesbians
Kiana Cox Sociology Gender, race, intersectionality, African American social movements, applied statistics
P. Ann Dirks-Linhorst Criminal Justice Studies Criminal justice and mental health
Marvin Finkelstein Sociology Applied sociology, employment relations, organizational and workplace change
Connie Frey Spurlock Sociology Peacemaking criminology, history of sociology
gorislavsky Ekaterina Gorislavsky Criminal Justice Studies Sexual victimization, gender, race and victimization, crime rates and trends, quantitative research methods and statistics, suicide
Mark Hedley Sociology Theory/methods/statistics, community action and social movements, gender and sexuality, popular culture
Erin Heil Criminal Justice Studies International violence, revolutionary movements, state facilitated violence, human rights, and international law
David Kauzlarich Sociology State crime, peace studies, victimology, human rights
Florence Maatita Sociology Motherhood, gender, race, social psychology, and family
Dennis Mares Criminal Justice Studies Criminological theory and history of crime and justice
Linda Markowitz Sociology Institutional entrepreneurship, structural innovations and socially responsible investing
Trish Oberweis Criminal Justice Studies U.S. drug policy, identity issues in criminal justice
Matthew Petrocelli Criminal Justice Studies Police subcultures and law enforcement
Alyson Spurgas Sociology Sex, gender, and sexualties; sociology of embodiment; sociology of medicine and science; feminist and queer theory
Elizabeth Stygar Sociology Introduction (online, traditional, and freshman seminars), Women Gender & Society, Marriage & Family, Social Inequality, Urban Sociology and Social Problems.
Sandra Weissinger Sociology African-American communities and institutions, inequality, intragroup marginalization
Kathryn Bentley Theater & Dance
Kristin Best‑Kinscherff Theater & Dance
Kim Bozark Theater & Dance Marketing; stage combat
Peter Cocuzza Theater & Dance Acting/performance
Valerie Goldston Theater & Dance Lighting design
Laura Hanson Theater & Dance Costume design, musical theater
Charles Harper Theater & Dance Experimental performance
Hockenberry Kevin Hockenberry Theater & Dance

Ballet; modern, character, contemporary, and improvisation

Nina Reed Theater & Dance Costume design and construction
Johanna Schmitz Theater & Dance
Roger Speidel Theater & Dance Scenery construction and design
James Wulfsong Theater & Dance Theater technology and design, green theater
budzban Greg Budzban CAS Dean’s Office Probability on algebraic structures, in particular, matrix semigroups. Math education, especially the development of experiential mathematics curricula
William Retzlaff CAS Dean’s Office Green roof systems, green infrastructure, sustainable practices
Wendy Shaw CAS Dean’s Office Social and cultural geography, development, geographic education, urban geography, history and philosophy of geography
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