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Post-Baccaulaureate Certificate

Primary Courses

Students must complete the following four primary courses (3 credit hrs each):

  • ENG 552: Academic Writing and Research Methods in Composition
  • ENG 554: Composition Pedagogy
  • ENG 556: Theory of Composition and Rhetoric
  • ENG 558: Practicum in the Teaching of Writing

Secondary Courses

Students must complete two of the following secondary courses (3 credit hrs each):

  • ENG 486: Teaching Creative Writing ENG 541: Discourse Analysis
  • ENG 570: Teaching African-American Oral and Written Literature
  • ENG 572: Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing with Computers
  • ENG 574: Basic Writing Theory and Pedagogy
  • ENG 576: Writing Across the Curriculum
  • ENG 578: Gender, Language, and Pedagogy
  • ENG 581: Topics in Teaching Writing
  • ENG 583: History of Rhetoric I—The Classical Period to the Renaissance
  • ENG 584: History of Rhetoric II—The Enlightenment to Today
  • ENG 587: Politics of Composition Pedagogy
  • ENG 490: Advanced Composition, OR ENG 491: Technical Writing, OR ENG 492: Advanced Fiction Writing, OR ENG 493: Advanced Poetry Writing, OR ENG 592: Creative Writing

Please note that, per University policy, "No substitution or waiver of courses . . . is permissible for a certificate program."

Students must file for graduation no later than the first day of classes in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

Students must submit a copy of their Post-Baccalaureate Certificate checklist, to the English Department's Director of Graduate Studies as they complete their final semester in the program.

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