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Program Requirements

1. Students are required to complete the six following primary courses (3 credit hrs each):

  • ENG 552: Academic Writing and Research Methods in Composition (should be taken in the 1st semester)
  • ENG 554: Composition Pedagogy
  • ENG 556: Theory of Composition and Rhetoric
  • ENG 558: Practicum in the Teaching of Writing
  • ENG 583: History of Rhetoric I—The Classical Period to the Renaissance
  • ENG 596: Preparatory Reading/Teaching of Writing

2. Students are required to complete three of the following secondary courses (3 credit hrs each):

  • ENG 486: Teaching Creative Writing
  • ENG 570: Teaching African American Oral and Written Tradition
  • ENG 572: Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing with Computers
  • ENG 574: Basic Writing Theory and Pedagogy
  • ENG 576: Writing Across the Curriculum
  • ENG 578: Gender, Language, and Pedagogy
  • ENG 581: Topics in Teaching Writing
  • ENG 584: History of Rhetoric II—The Enlightenment to Today
  • ENG 587: Politics of Composition Pedagogy

One of the secondary courses can also be fulfilled with one of the following linguistics courses:

  • ENG 400: Principles of Linguistics
  • ENG 541: Discourse Analysis
  • ENG 544: Reading and Writing Pedagogy in Teaching English as a Second Language

3. Students elect one additional 400- or 500-level 3-credit hour course (e.g., technical, expository, or creative writing; pedagogy; linguistics; literature; or a course outside the English department. This last option requires written approval of the student's advisor and of the Director of Graduate Studies.

4. Students are required to complete one of the following options (9 credit hours inside or outside of the English Department). Course work used to fulfill this option may be completed while students are candidates in the Teaching of Writing specialization or may have been completed during the five years immediately preceding entrance to the program.

  • 3 courses in the same foreign language
  • 3 TESL/linguistics courses
  • 3 literature courses
  • 3 creative writing courses
  • 3 computer and/or internet-based courses
  • 3 literacy and/or reading courses
  • Alternative 3-course sequence determined by student in consultation with Graduate Advisor (e.g., courses in Curriculum and Instruction, Mass Communications, or Instructional Technology)

Students must file for graduation check no later than the first day of classes of the semester in which they plan to graduate.

The above requirements are available as a printable checklist.

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