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Post-Baccaulaureate Certificate

This program offers students the option of advanced education in literary studies without committing to the full course of study of the M. A. 

Admission requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Certification are the same as those for the M. A. in American and English Literature, with the exception of the language requirement. (Students who begin the Post-Baccalaureate program and then transfer to the M. A. will be required to meet the M. A. language requirement.) 

The requirements for the Certification are listed below. 

Eighteen (18) hours of coursework (six courses) are required for completion of the program. 

1) Students must complete ENG 501: Modern Literary Studies, preferably in their first semester.

2) Students may distribute the remaining five (5) courses among the following (providing that at least two of these are at the 500 level):

403 History of the English Language

404 Chaucer

406 Old English Language

412 Digital Literacies

420 Topics in Film Studies

432 Major American Writers of the 20th Century

443 Prosody

444 Creative Non-Fiction

445 Young Adult Literature

446 Studies in African American Literature

457 Topics in Postcolonial Literature and Criticism

463 Topics in Literary Periods

464 Topics in Forms and Genres

465 Special Topics

471 Shakespeare

473 Milton

475 Methods in Teaching Secondary English: Literature and Culture

477 Morrison

478 Women, Language and Literature

479 Major Authors: Shared Traditions

480 Major Authors: Crossing Boundaries

482 Technology and Literature

486 Teaching Creative Writing

490 Advanced Composition

502 Modern Literary Theory

505 Topics in Forms and Genres

506 Topics in Literary Periods

508 Major Author Studies

521 Topics in Literature and Culture

526 Studies in African-American Texts

570 Teaching African-American Oral and Written Literature

578 Gender, Language and Pedagogy

As with all specializations within the Master's program in the Department of English at SIUE, students are required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all graduate course work; students not meeting this requirement will be dropped from the program. 

Please note that, per University policy, "No substitution or waiver of courses . . . is permissible for a certificate program."

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