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Maddie CJ Student

Maddie is a senior in 2016, from St. Louis, MO.  She chose SIUE, "because it had so much to offer.  I really felt that everyone from admissions to advisors to my professors would truly care about my success."  She chose criminal justice as one of her two majors because "all of the subject matter fascinates me....I am so beyond happy that I chose CJ as a major because the professors enhanced my learning more than I ever could imagined."  She now aspires to a career in criminal justice working with a juvenile population. 

                                   Wayne CJ Student

 "My name is Jeffrey Wayne Forsythe Jr. I am a Federal Correctional Officer at FCI Greenville, Illinois. I am a member of the Disturbance Control Team, and I’m also on the Re-Entry Council. I graduated from SIUE in 2012  with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I chose this profession as a direct result of my time and experience at Southern Illinois University."


Trooper Bradford graduated in 2013, after beginning his studies at a community college and transferring to SIUE.  He says, "...the internship program is a worthwhile experience.  While a student, I was able to do my internship with the Illinois State Police, an endeavor I believe helped me obtain a position with the Illinois State Police, as well as enabling me to network with future co-workers.  In interactions with students from other schools I have been able to compare internship experiences.  The research done on the SIUE internship allows for an enhanced knowledge, not available at every university.  This is beneficial information for future CJ employees that is not available with less stringent internship programs." He joined the Illinois State Police shortly after graduation.

                                                                                                         Joe CJ student

Joe Weirach is a senior from Millstadt, IL.  He chose SIUE for its convenient location, but says that his “Criminal Justice professors are amazing....I have always been interested in criminal behavior and fascinated with how people commit crimes and break the law.  I am interested in why people do the things they do, and what engages them to criminal acts.”  He hopes to begin his career with a job in probation, but is also interested in pursuing working at the federal level.

CJ Alum Mike Hoguet 

Lt. Mike Hoguet (2009) took a non-traditional path through college.  He began his studies in Accounting, but left school to join the Air Force.  By the time he returned, he had a family and a full time job with the Fairview Heights, IL Police Department.  He says, "I never let go of the sight of earning my degree.  After my three sons were old enough to go to school, I went back and slowly completed the course of study and finally earned my degree in 2009.  Did it pay off?  In more ways than I can explain. 

One of best lessons learned was a few years after I graduated but was still affiliated to SIUE.  Keeping in contact with Dr. Oberweis and Dr. Dirks-Linhorst after graduation, I was able to develop a better, more in-depth Intern Program for students completing this type of course.  A 360 degree view of every division from Records to Dispatch to Patrol to Detectives was designed.  This also included guidance on how to prepare for the rigors of testing to become a police officer.

My SIUE education not only benefited me, but my sons Josh (SIUE – Baseball) and Travis (SIUE – Soccer) also attended SIUE and were in the Criminal Justice program as well.  Both have now gone on to become police officers as well." 

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