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Mina Sumita

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
College of Arts and Sciences
SLW 3230 (Office)
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1652.
Tel: (618) 650-2420 (Office)
Fax: (618) 650-3556

Personal Page


  • Ph.D., Wayne State University (2006)

  • M.S., University of Colorado at Denver (1999)

  • B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (1995)

Research Interest:

  • My core research interests are incorporation of natural and unnatural modified nucleotides for biochemical and biophysical studies and analysis of the structural and functional effects of RNA modification. The specific aims are 1) understanding structural and functional effects of modified nucleotides on snRNAs by biophysical studies including NMR spectroscopy, 2) designing and synthesizing unnatural modified nucleotides to study RNA biochemistry and biophysical chemistry, and 3) developing DNA/RNA aptamers with modified bases.

Teaching Interest:

  • Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry courses

Selected Publications:

  • Hoogstraten, C.G., Sumita, M., and White, N.A., Unraveling the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of RNA Assembly: Surface Plasmon Resonance, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry, and Circular Dichroism, 2014, Methods in Enzymology, 549: 407-432

  • Sumita, M., White, N.A., Julien, K.R., and Hoogstraten, C.G. Intermolecular domain docking in the hairpin ribozyme: metal dependence, binding kinetics, and catalysis, 2013, RNA Biology, 10: 425-435

  • Sumita, M., Jiang, J., SantaLucia, J., and Chow, C.S. Comparison of solution conformations and stabilities of modified helix 69 rRNA analogues from bacteria and human, 2012, Biopolymers, 97: 94-106

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