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Monica Rieth

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Department of Chemistry
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
College of Arts and Sciences
SLW 3115 (Office)
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1652.
Tel: (618) 650-3561 (Office)
Fax: (618) 650-3556

Personal Page


  • Postdoctoral, University of California Santa Barbara (2017)

  • Ph.D., Lehigh University (2014)

  • B.S., University of Delaware (2003)

Research Interest:

My research interests primarily focus on finding and characterizing new lipid/polymer systems that have the potential to be used as both drug delivery carriers and / or new platforms for membrane protein studies.

Also, understanding the intricacies of membrane protein expression in the model microbes, E. coli and Baker’s yeast (S. cerevisiae). Specifically, this work is aimed at better understanding G-protein coupled receptor expression in S. cerevisiae and fundamentally how the primary sequence of these proteins affect the “outcome” of expression.

Teaching Interest:

  • Biochemistry

  • Biochemistry / Biophysical Laboratory

  • Special Topics related to Biochemistry

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