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photograph of Myron Jones

Myron W. Jones

Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
College of Arts and Sciences
 SLW 3125 (Office) 
Edwardsville, Illinois 62026-1652.
Tel: (618) 650-2138 (Office)
Fax: (618) 650-3556


  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma (2010)

  • M.S., Middle Tennessee State University (1998)

  • B.S., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (1994)

Research Interests:

Research in the Jones laboratory involves the synthesis and characterization of transition metal compounds containing nitric oxide. Our current focus is on the preparation and characterization of new compounds which include the dinitrosyl iron fragment (Fe(NO)2). Dinitrosyl iron compounds (DNICs) are of interest because of their occurrence in biological systems. Among several possible biological functions, it has been suggested that DNICs are involved in NO storage and delivery. They also have potential applications as catalysts and as pharmaceuticals (NO donors). Students in the Jones lab gain experience manipulating moisture and air sensitive compounds, which might involve the use of an inert atmosphere glove box or other specialized glassware. Students also learn how to characterize reaction products using a variety of techniques including spectroscopy and electrochemistry.

Teaching Interests:

  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Chem 511)
  • Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Chemistry of the Elements, Chem 519)
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lecture/Lab (Chem 411/415)
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry (Chem 410)
  • Engineering Chemisry Lecture/Lab (Chem 131/135)
  • General Chemistry 1 & 2 Lecture/Lab (Chem 121a/125a and Chem 121b/125b)
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