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Student-Accessible Equipment

The Chemistry Department enjoys significant support, both from inside and outside the University, in developing and maintaining its inventory of specialized equipment used for instruction and research. Some of the Department's more specialized and/or major items include:

  • Bruker Ascend 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer w/Broadband Capability, Auto Sampler, & Variable Temp. Unit
  • Bruker EMXPlus X-Band EPR Spectrometer
  • Agilent (Varian) 450-GC with Varian 220MS GC/MS (ion trap technology)
  • Shimadzu GC-2010 plus Gas Chromatograph with FID and TCD detectors
  • Agilent 1200 Series HPLC with UV-Vis detection, reverse phase
  • Shimadzu CBM-20A Prominence series HPLC with UV-Vis detection, reverse phase
  • Agilent (Varian) 212LC with Varian 310-MS LC/MS system
  • Thermo Nicolet iS50 FTIR spectrometer, (high resolution)
  • Perkin-Elmer LS 55 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  • Agilent 200 Series Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Agilent 200 Series Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with GTA120 Graphite Tube Atomizer
  • Perkin-Elmer Lambda 45 UV-vis Spectrophotometer
  • Varian Cary-3 UV-vis Spectrophotometer
  • Bruker Hyperion 3000 FTIR microscope with Bruker Vertex-70 FTIR
  • Bruker Senterra Raman microscope with both dispersive (785 nm, 532 nm) and FT (1064 nm) detection and fiber-optic capabilities.
  • Veeco Scanning Tunneling Microscope & Atomic Force Microscope
  • Mettler TGA/DSC-1 STARe System Thermogravimetric/Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Rigaku Miniflex Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
  • TA Instruments nano-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter
  • General Electric Microcal VP-DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • General Electric Microcal VP-ITC Isothermal Titration Calorimeter
  • 4°C Cold Room with Bio-Cold Environmental Controls
  • Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Gel Imaging System
  • General Electric AKTA Prime plus Fast Protein Liquid Chromatogography system
  • LABGARD Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet
  • Sorvall RC 5B Plus Centrifuge
  • New Brunswick Scientific I26 Incubator-Shaker
  • Several Buchi R-210 Rotary Evaporators
  • Jasco P-2000 polarimeter
  • Five StellarNet Black Comet Fiber-optic UV-VIS spectrometers
  • Digital Potentiostats, & other Electroanalytical Apparatus
  • Electrophoresis System

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