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Biological Sciences

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Biological Sciences


Medical Technology


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Biological Sciences

Degrees Available at SIUE

  • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Medical Technology Specialization

Medical Technology Specialization at SIUE

Biology includes the whole domain of living things: patterns of cellular structure; the underlying biochemical pathways; anatomy and function of whole organisms; the mathematical predictability and molecular basis of inheritance; the flow of energy and matter through living systems; the regulation and interaction of basic life processes; the universality of adaptation; and the interdependence of the biosphere. Like all sciences, biology is both cumulative and open-ended in its discoveries. It teaches the wonders of life, the excitement of discovery, and the challenge of the unknown.

This degree specialization is designed for students who wish to become medical technologists certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Medical technologists should have a firm understanding of the theory behind the diagnostic tests they perform in the clinical laboratory. Their responsibilities encompass all clinical laboratory disciplines, such as clinical chemistry, urinalysis, hematology, serology, immunology, blood and organ banking, microbiology, parasitology, and nuclear medicine. As self-motivated, inquisitive scientists, medical technologists contribute to the development of new methods and laboratory instrumentation that aid physicians in preventing and curing disease.

Career Opportunities

Most medical technologists are employed in hospitals, but private laboratories, physicians’ offices, government agencies, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories, and university research programs offer growing opportunities for employment advancements.

Environment and health-related occupations almost always require sound basic training in biology. Most students entering schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, osteopathy, veterinary science, chiropractic and podiatry are biology majors. Basic training in biology is essential for careers in allied health sciences, including nutrition, pharmacy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

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