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Biological Sciences

New Undergraduate Courses

This page provides information about courses to be offered in upcoming semesters that are either new courses, not yet in the Undergraduate Catalog, or courses for which the topic changes each time it is taught.

New undergraduate courses are taught as sections of BIOL 190 or BIOL 490. BIOL 190 is a non-majors freshman biology course with a lab, which is being offered for the first time in fall 2021. Different sections of BIOL 490 are usually entirely different 400-level courses taught by different faculty.

For information on new graduate courses, please click here.

Spring 2022

Phenology/Climate Change – 15592 – Biol 490 – 002

Credit hours: 4.0
Lecture: MWF 10:00-10:50 AM, SE 1312.
F 12:00-1:50 PM, SW 0340.
Pre-requisite: Instructor approval.
Instructor: Dr. Tom Anderson

This course will examine phenology (the timing of biological events, like migration or reproduction), and how it is being altered by climate change for many organisms. Lecture will largely involve discussion of scientific papers on phenology and climate change, most of which will be centered around ecological themes, with a few physiological and evolutionary topics. Labs will focus on field monitoring of the phenology of local flora and fauna, experimental approaches to studying phenology, and analyzing scientific data. It is available for graduate credit.

For more information about this course, please contact  Dr. Anderson.



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