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Biological Sciences


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Dr. Elaine Abusharbain

Interests: Environmental education, classroom environment, evaluation, inservice teacher professional development.
Office: SLW 1240
Phone: (618) 650-2453

Portrait of Elaine Abusharbain

Dr. Kelly Barry

Safety Officer, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Plant tissue culture methods for the propagation of native plants of conservation concern; developing and assessing biology curriculum and teaching strategies for application in secondary education and higher education.
Office: SLW 1180
Phone: (618) 650-5245

Portrait of Kelly Barry

Dr. Paul Brunkow

Interests: Amphibian conservation ecology, effects of morphological variability on ecology.
Office: SLW 1220
Phone: (618) 650-2976

Portrait of Paul Brunkow

Dr. Susanne DiSalvo

Interests: Host-symbiont interactions. Social amoebas as model eukaryotic host systems for bacterial symbionts (Burkholderia, Amoebophilus, and Neochlamydia). Context-dependent shifts on symbiotic outcomes.
Office: SLW 1130
Phone: (618) 650-5928

Portrait of Susanne DiSalvo

Dr. Betsy Esselman

Interests: Plant conservation genetics, plant systematics and taxonomy.
Office: SLW 1230
Phone: (618) 650-5719

Portrait of Betsy Esselman

Dr. Rick Essner

Interests: Ecological and functional morphology.
Office: SLW 1115
Phone: (618) 650-2338

Portrait of Rick Essner

Dr. Tom Fowler

Graduate Program Director, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Molecular genetics and cell signaling in fungi.
Office: SLW 1110
Phone: (618) 650-5231

Portrait of Tom Fowler

Dr. Ben Greenfield

Interests: Human exposure to environmental contaminants, risk assessment, antimicrobial resistance, environmental justice, health geography, local contamination in Southern Illinois, stressor integration in environmental health.
Office: SLW 2200
Phone: (618) 650-3115

Portrait of Ben Greenfield

Dr. Amy Hubert

Interests: Molecular biology of stem cells and regeneration in planarian flatworms.
Office: SLW 1205
Phone: (618) 650-3406

Portrait of Amy Hubert

Dr. David Jennings

Interests: Endocrine regulation of evolutionary changes in development and life history strategies.
Office: SLW 1285
Phone: (618) 650-3614

Portrait of David Jennings

Dr. Luci Kohn

Undergraduate Committee Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Quantitative morphology; genetic and environmental influences on skeletal and dental morphology; evolution of morphology.
Office: SLW 1210
Phone: (618) 650-2394

Portrait of Luci Kohn

Dr. Kevin Krajniak

Interests: Physiology, distribution and effects of neuropeptides in freshwater molluscs and arthropods.
Office: SLW 1290
Phone: (618) 650-3467

Portrait of Kevin Krajniak

Dr. Danielle N. Lee

Interests: Animal Behavior, Urban Ecology, Mammalogy, Science Outreach.
Office: SLW 1285
Phone: (618) 650-3405

Portrait of Danielle N. Lee

Dr. Faith Liebl

Interests: Synapse development; expression, trafficking, and localization of glutamate receptors.
Office: SLW 1120
Phone: (618) 650-2509

Portrait of Faith Liebl

Dr. Zhi-Qing Lin

Interests: Developing phytoremediation technology for the cleanup of trace element contaminated water and soil, including the use of phytoextraction, phytostabilization, phytovolatilization, and constructed wetland treatment systems.
Office: SLW 2180
Phone: (618) 650-2650

Portrait of Zhi-Qing Lin

Dr. Darron Luesse

Assistant Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Molecular processes behind plant gravitropism and other environmental responses, intracellular signal transduction, chlorophyll synthesis, and plant physiology.
Office: SLW 1125
Phone: (618) 650-2153

Portrait of Darron Luesse

Dr. Vance McCracken

Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Gastrointestinal microbiology and mucosal immunology, Helicobacter pylori, enterohepatic Helicobacter species, inflammatory bowel disease, molecular approaches to microbial ecology, testing of novel antimicrobial compounds.
Office: SLW 1165
Phone: (618) 650-5246

Portrait of Vance McCracken

Dr. Peter Minchin

Webmaster, Department of Biological Sciences

Interests: Community ecology, conservation biology, restoration ecology, biostatistics, ecoinformatics.
Office: SLW 1250
Phone: (618) 650-2975

Portrait of Peter Minchin

Dr. Bill Retzlaff

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Interests: Green roof systems.
Office: PH 3431
Phone: (618) 650-2728

Portrait of Bill Retzlaff

Dr. Kurt Schulz

Interests: Forest canopy-understory interactions, ecological restoration, invasive species.
Office: SLW 1260
Phone: (618) 650-3005

Portrait of Kurt Schulz

Dr. Chris Theodorakis

Interests: Aquatic ecotoxicology, water quality, molecular and genetic toxicology, biomarkers, oxidative stress & DNA damage, nanotoxicology, evolutionary toxicology, endocrine disruption, conservation genetics, molecular ecology.
Office: SLW 2215
Phone: (618) 650-5235

Portrait of Chris Theodorakis

Dr. Jake Williams

Interests: Animal physiology.
Office: SLW 1170
Phone: (618) 650-2118

Portrait of Jake Williams

Dr. Kyong Sup Yoon

Interests: Environmental toxicology and vector biology.
Office: SLW 2180
Phone: (618) 650-3302

Portrait of Kyong Sup Yoon
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