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Biological Sciences

Dr. Emily Petruccelli

Portrait of Dr. Emily PetruccelliAssistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Iowa, 2015

Office: SW 1130
Research Lab: SW 1000
Phone: (618) 650-3004

Courses Taught: Freshman Seminar (BIOL 111), Genetics (BIOL 220), Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology (BIOL 595).

Lab Website

Research Interests: The fields of genetics and neuroscience are advancing at an unprecedented rate. Drosophila melanogaster are ideal model organisms in which to perform inexpensive, rapid, precise, and rigorous science that will strengthen and expand our understanding of neurogenetics. Current research interests in the lab focus on how exposure to alcohol influences neural transcription and behavior.


Research Opportunities: Please contact me!


Petruccelli, E., Feyder, M., Ledru, N., Anderson, E., Jaques, Y., and Kaun, K. “Alcohol activates Scabrous/Notch to influence associated memories.” Neuron 2018.

Petruccelli, E. and Kaun, K. “Insights from intoxicated Drosophila.” Alcohol 2018.

Petruccelli, E., Li, Q., Rao, Y., and Kitamoto, T. “Drosophila DopEcR, a unique GPCR for dopamine and ecdysone, modulates ethanol-induced sedation.” Journal of Neuroscience 2016.

Petruccelli, E., Lansdon, P., and Kitamoto, T. “Exaggerated nighttime sleep and defective sleep homeostasis in a Drosophila knock-in model of human epilepsy.” PLoS One 2015.


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